Stop the perennial flood in Yobe

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Yobe state witnessed a deluge of flood caused by torrential rainfall at Ngelzarma, Fune, local government area and some other parts of the state a couple of years ago. Last year, the state also experienced flooding in some areas of Potiskum and its neighbouring villages. Earlier this year, flooding occurred in Gombe-Potiskum highway, near Fika town. And today, the narrative remains the same.

Since then, the Yobe State Emergency Management Agency (YOSEMA), led by Dr. Mohammed Goje, has been doing well to deliver relief materials to the affected victims. Although the management needs to be commended for their effort, but we need to understand that the palliatives are not enough to assuage the suffering of the people.

In addition to the relief materials, the Yobe state government should ensure the provision of roads, drainages and bridges in the nooks and crannies of the state not just in the capital city. Unfortunately, the government seems unaware of the infrastructure deficit in the state.

In this regard, the government must wake up from this long slumber and appreciate the fact that the masses are no longer ignorant of their fundamental rights vis-a-vis the responsibilities of government.

A report by YOSEMA confirmed that from August 16-21, 2021, about the roofs of about 400 houses were blown off and many other buildings collapsed, in just Potiskum local government area. Imagine the numbers, if we take the whole state data cumulatively?

Yes, we can say that YOSEMA has played its role dexterously by distributing food items to the victims and even shelter to the worse affected victims, but that is not be enough, truly.
How can a bag of rice and three roofing sheets suppress the anger and relieve the pains of a victim of a collapsed house?
We must take a deep breath to restore and look into this matter thoroughly.

Government should focus more on the provision of roads, drainages, and bridges across the state. This will allow the easy flow of water. It should also ensure the reservation of dams at some local government areas to preserve the water for further use. This will facilitate the economic growth of the state.

Ali Tijjani Hassan,
Potiskum, Yobe state
[email protected]

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