Success breaks silence after row with sex workers

isaac success - Success breaks silence after row with sex workers
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Watford big money signing Isaac Success who has been in the news over a row with four commercial sex workers that led to his arrest has made his fi rst post on social media since news about the scandal broke out.
Success was accused of asking for a refund after paying four commercial sex workers to have them for the night, but got drunk and didn’t have time to focus on the ladies.
His demand for a refund reportedly led to argument with the ladies which forced the hotel management to call the police, following which he was arrested tout later released.
Despite the news making headlines, Success and his management team have remained silent on the issue until last night, when the 21-year old posted a picture of himself recovering in a hospital in Barcelona.
On the same post that has his picture in a hospital the forward wrote: “10 days less.
Few weeks left.
God is great.
Soon be back.
Goodnight fans”

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