Sunusi Lamido is beyond cheap politicians

Former Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi

Sunusi lamido who is a prominent intellectual of high calibre is indeed one thousand miles ahead of all these  politicians making noise in all spheres of live.
People should not forget that Sunusi Lamido has attained greater heights in terms of earthly archivements than every individual is dreaming and praying to have ranging from wealth, royalty, prominence, religious and western knowledge.
Besides, the political power that was vested in irresponsible politicians to enthrone or dethrone traditional leaders need to be reviewed, because if care is not taken the image and reputation of our great traditional and historical kingdoms will be of no use.

Since his politically motivated dethronement, Sunusi Lamido has accepted it in good faith, and decided not to challenge the governor’s decision and continued his fellowship in the academic line in an effort to share and distribute his vast knowledge.
Unlike our irresponsible and gready politicians who always want to be part of the present government running from one political party to another and looking for all possible ways to steal and embezzle public funds, Sunusi Lamido has turned down calls from like-minded members of the public to join politics.
Sunusi Lamido was dethroned but should be respected and admired in all ramifications.
Mubarak Shuaybu Shelleng,Jos, Plateau state

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