Survival of Nigeria depends on professionals – Prof Okeniyi

The President of Chemical Society of Nigeria, (CSN) Professor Sunday Okeniyi has hinted that the survival of Nigeria as a developing country relies solely on the ambit of professionals in and across the country..
Delivering his address in Ibadan at the opening ceremony of the CSN 41st annual International Conference (Ibadan 2018) holding at the Trenchard hall, University of Ibadan, Professor Okeniyi said this became necessary in view of the present economic down turn facing most of the developing countries throughout the world.
He stressed that to stem the situation, CSN and other similar professions are now busy on “how we can arrest this global economic down turn in short, medium and long terms”.
“Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, as the world gradually comes to terms with the challenges of global economic down turn and the attendant effects, the onus for survival of developing countries such as Nigeria, under this global arrangement lies in the ambit of professionals especially in the area of Chemistry, Medicine, Pharmacy, Science and Technology”, he said The CSN President emphasized that it is now time for the society and other professional bodies to look a way of increasing the GDPs in the developing countries, adding, “we must consider economic development, strategies and solutions that will offer increase in our GDP”.
Professor Okeniyi while pointing out that : “It should be noted that this prosperity syndrome must be knowledge based and technology driven”, adding that ” accordingly, Chemists must release their knowledge from their laboratories , closets and libraries andtranslate these into societal economic profits”.
“Globalization, it must be noted, is the flow of capital, information, investment, trade, skills and expertise across borders using the internet .
Because of this, economies of most developing countries are on the brink of collapse and the political view of proffered is one of deliberate domination by economically advanced countries.”

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