Swiss Foundation, partners to boost low-income households’ nutrition

The Global Alliance for Nutrition (GAIN), a Swiss foundation, is in talks with some identified Enterprise Support Organisations (ESOs) such as Fate Foundation, National Association of Small-Scale Industrialists (NASSI), Tomatoes and Orchard Producers Association of Nigeria (TOPAN) and Potatoes Farmers Association of Nigeria (POFAN) to identify targeted areas of support for food items sold to low-income households through its Nutrition Impact at Scale (NIS) Programme.

Blueprint Weekend reports that the NIS Programme is one of the three components of GAIN’s Nutrition Enterprise Cluster that focuses on supporting Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) with technical expertise and funding to scale up their nutritious food businesses.

GAIN’s program manager, Clement Musyoka, disclosed that by working with other organisations that were willing and had the requisite capacity to “attach a nutrition lens to their work with SMEs, Nutrition Impact at Scale will enable a large-scale and accelerated nutrition impact for the masses.”

He said, “We will leverage on the work already started by GAIN to continue to bring attention to nutrition-related issues and bring actionable knowledge and practical tools to sustainably help relevant stakeholders/actors to better support and/or incubate SMEs to improve nutrition impact.

“This programme is presently being implemented in 4 African countries, including Nigeria, Kenya, Mozambique, Ethiopia, with prospects to scale to two additional countries in the coming year.

In his remarks, the head of the Nutrition Enterprise Cluster, Manasseh Miruka, said the programme would work with existing structures “within these ESOs and strengthen these current structures with the wealth of expertise and tools available in GAIN for businesses with investment in nutrition.”

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