Tackle North’s over-population

The ravaging insecurity in the northern part of the country is as a result of over population. The region has a large population of idle and unemployed youth as the government has failed to provide job opportunities for its citizens.

There are no industries where the youth can be employed as many of the industries have been shut down. Many of Nigeria’s industries are located in the South which explains why insecurity is minimal in that region.
If the northern governors do not make policies that will attract local and foreign investors to come and invest with ease of doing business the North will continue to face teething challenges. All the northern states are blessed with abundant mineral resources but the resources are being exploited illegally.

The northern economy is predominantly agrarian. I appeal to the federal government to intervene by formulating policies that will control the rising population otherwise more and more terrorism will continue to erupt.

Yakubu Isa We,
Department of Each,
University of Maiduguri

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