Tackling kidnapping in Nigeria

Little was known about kidnapping prior to 1990, as the first human kidnapping/adoption, was made in 2006 when some expatriate workers were abducted in Niger Delta region. Various factors are responsible for this terrible phenomenon. They include abject poverty, corruption, political influence, joblessness, terrorism, lack of functionaries, change in value system, quick-money-syndrome, etc.

These criminally minded group kidnap their victims and are able to get millions of naira as ransom, hence the illegal trade now became a multi millions naira business. Presently, the government is determined more than ever before to combat the crime of kidnapping, the first step taken is the recent change of service chiefs by Mr. President. However, there is the need to proffer some possible solutions to help the authorities to tackle the menace.

These include job creation, public awareness, sim card registration/NIN, stoppage of payment of ransom, reform of police and policing system, community policing and vigilante group, stoppage of the proliferation of small and light arms.

We are of the opinion that government at levels should make stringent laws to punish those found culpable of kidnapping in order to serve as a deterrent thereby reducing the menace drastically.

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