11 qualities of the Servants of the Most Merciful

October 7, 2021 Editorial IV 0

In chapter Al Furqan, there is a passage (verses 63 to 76) in which Allah describes a special group of people.The More You Know Him, The More You Love HimThis group is given a name by Allah – ibad-ur Rahman, the Servants of the Most Merciful, and they enjoy a special mercy from the Most Merciful.Allah describes in this passage what it takes Read More

Dignity: The trait of the righteous

September 23, 2021 Editorial IV 0

Praise be to Allah, The Exalted. May peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah his family, Companions, and whoever follows his example.It is becoming of a Muslim to adhere to all that adorns him of noble traits and shun all that disgraces and discredits him.One of the noble traits that are befitting of a Muslim is Waqar (dignity). We Read More