Insecurity: Presidency not doing all-out-effort

July 25, 2022 Blueprint 0

Terrorists who attacked Kaduna bound-train in March are becoming bold to have courage in uploading the videos of their innocent victims who committed no offence. We have said it earlier, terrorists and criminals will continue to have a field day, as long as the government continues to show I don’t care attitude and refuses to send this animal to the Read More

PMB, ASUU And security report

July 24, 2022 Gidado Ibrahim 0

Throughout human history, functional Education has been touted as the most potent force of development. Statesmen like Nelson Mandela, Venerable Mahatma Ghandi, Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln in their leadership engagements have underscored the ability of Education to create a better world for all. Mandela, for instance, believed that “education is the great engine of personal development. It is through Read More

PMB, NSA and the peril of toxic advocacy

July 3, 2022 Blueprint 0

Globally, non-state actors and civil society organisations (CSOs) have been acknowledged as critical stakeholders in moulding and shaping of public policy and global discourse. Their support for policy setting, adoption of legislation and development cooperation is essential to promoting fundamental principles and rights. In this context, many of these non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have initiated and partnered with governments to solve Read More

APC and PMB: The chicken is coming home to roost

Since the creation of the All Progressives Congress (APC), one expectation of the amalgamation of these politicians is that of their disintegration. Each and every follower of the Nigerian political scene, knew that it is a matter of how, but not when. Everyone knows that the time will come when the cards that transformed themselves into APC will either scatter Read More

Democracy dividends: PMB’s imprints on the sands of time

June 20, 2022 Gidado Ibrahim 0

General Montgomery defined authentic leadership as ‘the capacity and the will to rally men and women to a common purpose and the character which inspires confidence’. Throughout human history, leaders who have left imprints on the sands of time do so by subscribing to strong ideology, which serves to fuel their energy to achieve results. Few persons had given tiny Read More

PMB, NSA, security chiefs and intelligence style of leadership

June 13, 2022 Gidado Ibrahim 0

Globally, there has been steady rise in security concerns in recent years. This has led multilateral institutions to set out mechanisms for the combat of terriorism. As a staunch and responsible member of the global community, Nigeria has since its independence participated proudly in the global security architecture to the admiration and accolades of all. However, in recent times, especially Read More

Dual FDIs boost and global reckoning with PMB govt

April 21, 2022 Musa Ilallah 0

But for the frightening security challenges laden with political undertones threatening lives and properties across the country, President Muhammadu Buhari would have been rated as the happiest leader in the world today. Basically, two major reasons are responsible for my whole hearted conclusion. One, the country got a big boost in its foreign direct investments, FDIs, recently when Microsoft Corporation Read More

Calls for PMB’s resignation and the limit of mischief

April 17, 2022 Gidado Ibrahim 0

It was the late revered motivational speaker, Myles Monroe, who famously said,”If the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable”. In deconstructing the calls by a tiny section of the political class in the last few days for the resignation of President Muhammadu Buhari, it is safe to say, most these political elements know little or nothing Read More

NUPEC boss, Nneji commends Senate over passage of Peace Corps bill

April 13, 2022 Bode Olagoke 0

The Commandant General of National Unity and Peace Corps (NUPEC), Dr. Chinedu Nneji, has commended the Senate for the passage of the Peace Corps bill. Dr. Nneji said the was long over due, adding that the Corps would facilitate peace, volunteerism, community services, Neighbourhood watch and national building in Nigeria. The Nigerian Senate Tuesday passed the bill establishing the the Read More

PMB, good governance and re-enforcement of state institutions

April 10, 2022 Gidado Ibrahim 0

The indicator to determine if a society is developed or developing does not depend on the number of tarred roads, steady electricity or water at the turn of the tap. In practical sense, the first indicator for measuring the health, strength and resilience of any society is the viability of state institutions. In a democracy, good governance is anchored on Read More

PMB’s leadership and Nigeria’s political rebirth

March 28, 2022 Gidado Ibrahim 0

Politics and politicking is meant to be a means to an end and not an end in itself. It entails judicious and rational administration of the commonwealth for the betterment of society and its people. Suffice it to clarify further that politics is merely an instrument through which individuals and groups seek to acquire power for a predetermined end. Regrettably, Read More

PMB and diversification of Nigerian economy

February 2, 2022 Gidado Ibrahim 0

Vibrant economy is the live wire of any nation. Globally, where the economy is buoyant, the benefits are sure to trickle down on citizens. For Nigeria, the story of economic prospects has been that of a mixed bag of misfortune. This is due to the inability or unwillingness of Nigeria’s successive leaders to diversify the economy away from oil. Oil Read More