Pictures: Late UAE President buried, brother takes charge

May 14, 2022 Solomon Arowolo 0

The President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh khalifa, who died at the age of 73 on Friday in Abu Dhabi has been buried. Sheikh khalifa was the president of UAE since 2004, but his role is mostly ceremonial after he suffered stroke in 2014. His half-brother, Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan, is now incharge of state affairs.

Breaking: UAE President Sheikh Khalifa is dead

May 13, 2022 Agency Report 0

One of the richest monarchs in the world, President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahyan of the United Arab Emirates, has died at the age of 73. Sheikh Khalifa was president of the UAE since 2004, but his role had been largely ceremonial since he suffered a stroke in 2014. His half-brother, Mohamed bin Zayed al-Nahyan, is now in charge of Read More

Nigeria, UAE debacle: FG reinstates suspended Emirates

December 22, 2021 Blueprint 0

A Nigerian Ministerial approval granting United Arab Emirates flag carrier Emirates Airlines winter schedule flights into Nigeria that was earlier suspended has been reinstated by the federal government. At the height of the imbroglio between the Nigerian government and the government of the UAE, the Nigerian authorities had found the actions against the country’s flag carrier to the Middle East Read More

UAE orders international airlines from boarding Nigerian passengers to Dubai

December 13, 2021 Blueprint 0

The diplomatic crisis between Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) got worse Monday as the latter stopped foreign airlines from airlifting Nigerians to Dubai. Different sources said that Ethiopian Airlines, Turkish Air and other international airlines going to Dubai from their bases refused to board Nigerians whose final destination is the UAE.The said the airlines stated that they have Read More

Ousted Afghan President Ashraf Ghani now in UAE

August 18, 2021 Blueprint 0

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani who fled his country as Taliban militants seized power, has moved to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the UAE government has confirmed. A statement by the UAE’s foreign ministry said, “The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation can confirm that the UAE has welcomed President Ashraf Ghani and his family into the country on Read More