Take precaution against COVID -19, Imam cautions Muslims

The Imam of the Bayelsa Central Mosque,. Ekeki, Kasim Yusif, has  said they suspended the congregational Friday prayers in accordance with the federal and state government’s directive to keep precautionary measures against the covid-19 pandemic.

The chief Imam spoke to journalists at the weekend saying that  they locked the mosque in obedience to respect the directive of federal and state government.

“Since we are born, we’ve never experienced this kind of a thing, the Muslim Umah in the whole of Bayelsa state did not hold Jumma’at prayers.

“I don’t think anybody like what is going on, both  Christians and Muslims, ad  according to our leader, it is for protection. So, we have to obey”.

Imam Yusif stated that they locked down the mosque due to their population of over a thousand of congregational worshipers that troop in for the Jumm’at prayers.

He said “leaders are to be obeyed according to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (May peace and mercy of Allah be upon him), it is impossible not to pray, but we will not go against the government’s directive, so we won’t pray as a congregation. That is Islam. We don’t disobey our leaders. The government calls us saying that gathering of over 50 is not allowed.”

Yusif called on the two religions to pray as both believe in the power of prayers. He said Muslims believe that prayer is a weapon and the Christians also believe prayer is the key.

He advised that prayer remains the only solution since the trial is from Allah. He urged Islamic faithful to adhere to the precautionary measure against the pandemic.

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