Tanzania seeks Nigeria’s cooperation on technology acquisition

The United Republic of Tanzania, Wednesday in Abuja, approached the federal government to help share her skilled knowledge and experience in the area of intellectual property (IP) and technology acquisition in the advancement of Africa at large.

Speaking, the High Commissioner, United Republic of Tanzania, Dr. Benson Alfred Bana, said in the whole of Africa, Nigeria is termed the ‘big brother’ adding that many countries have a lot to learn and benefit from partnering with her in every sector.

Bana, who was on courtesy visit to NOTAP said the move was to get acquainted for a later date to acquire knowledge of the activities of the agency but little did he know that he would learn much from the agency, saying his country would surely imbibe the knowledge learnt.

“I am encouraging my people to come to Nigeria to learn how Nigeria undertakes fish farming technologies which is one of these basic areas we will like to explore more and Nigeria is at the advanced stage to share your knowledge and competence,” he added.

Earlier, the Director General of the National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP), Dr. DanAzimi Mohammed Ibrahim said the visit was a welcome initiative to strengthen the ties between both countries and regions, adding that not only Africa but the world at large will benefit from it.

He further said African countries have common problems and that if they are able to overcome their challenges, the experiences should be shared for better growth and advancement of the world.

“In order to reduce the nation’s dependence on foreign technologies, the Office initiated several programmes like the NOTAP-Industry Partnerships to provide the much needed synergy between the academia and Industry that will lead to Research and Development (R&D) and by extension the development of products and services because the government cannot due alone and that is why collaboration is key for economic development,” the DG added.