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Tayò Agiri Cole - Tayò set to rule music scene with Good Morning

Tayò set to rule music scene with Good Morning

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By Gbenga Jolaosho

Good Morning, the much awaited finally debuted and riding the music scene like a colossus.
The singer and song writer, Tayò Agiri-Cole, says releasing Good Morning at this trying period when Nigerians are now more divided than ever before, relegating moral values to the background and hobnobbing vices that have made people not to appreciate one another, is his little effort at correcting those ills.
The song, Good Morning is a clear reflection of sincere gratitude. It is a fine combination of very perfect and well mixed tunes of ever green and scintillating piece for every lover of highly inspiring and illuminating soul music. And in this song Tayò blends Yoruba Language with English Language to make his music not only appealing and enduring to ears but to also deliver his message to every listener.
According to him, “#Good Morning is targeted at everybody irrespective of religion, age and culture. It is one song that reminds people who hurry out of their homes in the very early hour of the day without saying a word of prayer to kindly adopt it as a norm. It charges us to put our challenges behind us and to focus on a brighter day…it is simply the painting of gratification in very fine tunes. It is gratitude to God Almighty for a brighter day as well as reverencing the significant presence of every individual you meet per time; which is an indication of illuminating the ‘God-Made’ factor over the ‘Self-Made’ syndrome being recipient of consistent grace and diverse help from God Almighty and persons.
“Good Morning is simply a word of prayer in disguise, thereby, professing one’s wish in the fullest summarization for the day, in a bid to purify it and avert ills; confirming the saying that: “what you say, you will see…and what you do, you will become!”
Tayò explains further that Good Morning, is a Morning Prayer song hewed with socio-cultural and religious lives of the people.
“Good Morning is cultural because it promotes good ethical conducts…’Se Alaafia Leji?’ is a way of saying ‘hope you woke up in sound health? ‘in Yoruba, language of peoples from South Western Part of Nigeria, West Africa. It encourages us to wake up and be hopeful for a brighter day.”
“Gratitude attracts blessings from God and from man, it is not restricted to a particular persons or individual; it is blessing to everyone that has breath.
“Saying good morning to other people in everyday of our lives is more than a mere greeting, but rather also reminding us of God’s preservation, even to those that have forgotten God’s love and protection over us,” said the multi talented and versatile Tayò.
Indeed, our world and day is activated and shaped by our choices of words, and it is in the light of this that playing and listening to the song, Good Morning, laced with inspiring lyrics is what all lovers of good and inspirational music need to open their days.

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