TB Joshua ‘s wife: The woman in the life of Nigerian charismatic and televangelisy

is TB Joshua ? The Nigerian televangelist is married to Evelyn Joshua. He proposed to her on their first meeting, and she agreed. Later, he claimed that their meeting was divine and was arranged by God. The prophet had seen her four days earlier in revelation before they met.

Evelyn had visited him previously, but he was not around – she was urgently in need of guide. Her second visit was successful because she was able to find him in his office.

They talked for while, and the man of God went ahead to propose to her in the Yoruba language. Speaking in an interview with the Weekly Spectator, she translated the proposal to English, Please, don’t be annoyed. Don’t think this is how I talk to everyone that comes to me.

I don’t have concubine, and I don’t want to have concubine. But you marry me?

Evelyn was working at Nigerian Distilleries in Ota when she met Joshua. According to the interview, they did not court for a long period because their wedding took place in 1990. Unfortunately, there is no single TB Joshua wedding photo online.

TB Joshua children

The couple is blessed with three children; two of them are daughters. Their names are Serah (firstborn) and Promise Joshua (second born). They are now adults and are pursuing different professions.

First, Serah was admitted to the Nigerian Bar after graduating from the School of Economics in 2015.

Promise Joshua, on the other hand, studied International Relations and at the same higher learning institution. Are TB Joshua son rumours true?

There have been speculations that the man of God has a son. However, the rumours are said to be untrue because all of his children are girls.

Source: Tuko.co.ke

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