TBN urges collective actions in each country

The Convener of Take Back Nigeria Movement (TBN) Jaye Gaskia has advised trades union movements, student movements, youth movements, women’s movements, social movements, of the two countries, under the broad leadership of a peoples coalition for pan African coexistence, to take collective and collaborative actions in each country.

In a press statement issued in Abuja, Gaskia said in the medium to long term what is require in Nigeria and across the continent is to take concrete and deliberate steps to birth a new leadership that is pro-people and Pan-African.

According to him, the country is confronted here with the failure of elite leadership across Africa. 

He said the Elites and states that are unable to protect their citizens at home, are in no position to protect them abroad.

He said this requires building and rebuilding our platforms and movements of social and political struggle, building political movements of solidarity within our countries, and across our continent.
But what can we do in the interim? In the short term.

According to him, these collective and collaborative actions must be directed at the two governments and two ruling elite conglomerations, with Demands To Stop The Killings, End The Attacks, and Create Enabling Environment for the peaceful coexistence of citizens and residents of both countries. 

He said this can also become the template for continental Africa wide collaborative action.

“How can the African ruling elite claim they are seeking economic integration of the Continent; establish the AU and the regional groupings like ECOWAS, SADC etc; and develop and sign treaties like the African Free Trade Agreement, as measures and mechanisms to promote this integration; and yet do precious little to protect citizens and residents within there respective countries?

“Without Social integration, there can be no Social Cohesion; but without Social interaction, there can be no Social integration. 

“Thus ultimately, the quest for Social Cohesion – within our respective countries, and across the continent in the sense of a Pan African Social Cohesion, begins with the taking of concrete and deliberate measures, steps and efforts towards ensuring Social interactions, which must then enable Social Integration to happen, thus engendering Social Cohesion, “ he said . 

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