Teenagers pay for own schooling, saving for university

A teenager who gave his name as AbdulMajid Awwal is a 14-year-old pupil at the Local Education Authority (LEA) Nomadic Primary School located at Dikwa in Niger state, but near Deidei in FCT, makes use of vehicle tyres to make cages for drying and storing fish.

Mr Awwal said they collected old and disused motor tyres and burnt them up to extract wires in them, then used the wires to weave fish cages for women to store their dry fish.  He said with the cages, house wives can store their dry fish and condiments and lock them from dogs and children in the family.

The teenager said they used the proceeds from the trade to pay for their schooling now and saving for university education in future. The cage or wire weaved into kitchen storage system costs between N500 and N1000.

Awwal and his colleagues told Blueprint that with the money they get from the business, they hoped to save for secondary and university education, but for now they also help their parents at home to make both ends meet.

“We learned the trade from adults in the neibourhood. The trade helps us to pay for our education and also helps our parents to provide other family needs. We also intend to sponsor ourselves to university unless our parents’ financial conditions improve,” the young craftsmen said.

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