Tension in Osun as APC, PDP await appeal judgement

Tensions have apparently pervaded the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Osun state, as the two political parties await the judgement of the election appeal court.

The APC and its candidate in the September 2018 governorship election, Governor Gboyega Oyetola, had approached the appeal court, seeking nullification of the tribunal judgement that declared Senator Ademola Adeleke of the PDP as the winner of the election.

The two political parties have continued to engage in accusations and counter accusations over the matter.

A statement by the APC’s directorate of publicity, Barr Kunle Oyatomi and made available to newsmen at the weekend, alleged that, “the smear campaign against it in Osun by the PDP is insidiously designed to blackmail Judges of the Court of Appeal, presiding over the disputed governorship election in the state.”

According to the ruling party, “the PDP is spreading total falsehood that unidentified so-called officials of the APC are boasting in public that they have settled those Judges in Abuja to decide in favour of Governor Adegboyega Oyetola.

“This is not only an insidious blackmail of the respectable and honourable Judges, the PDP is also attempting (with this false allegation) to disparage the integrity of the Judges and instigate public skepticism, perhaps even rejection of the court’s decision, if it turns out not to be in PDP’S favour.”

The APC warned that “the PDP will be held to account if public order is breached as a result of the court’s decision that does not favour the party. 

“This is because the false allegation that the PDP is touting can potentially instigate violence”, the APC emphasized.

“It would also appear that the PDP is uncomfortable with the democratic process, and the rule of law, and will do everything unfair, unjust and illegal to sabotage due process in order to snatch political power in the state of Osun.

“Osun is moving forward and the APC will remain focused regardless of the shenanigans of the PDP. If that party will not mature politically and contribute meaningfully to the progress of the state, it will sooner than later become irrelevant.”

In his reaction to APC’s statement on Monday, the Chairman of the PDP in Osun state, Hon Soji Adagunodo, described the statement credited to Oyatomi as “mere propaganda and deliberate falsehood of a drowning political party.

“It is surprising that a political party that hired touts and protesters against a well articulated judgement in favour of the mandate freely given to Senator Nurudeen Ademola Adeleke and the PDP by the people of the state could suddenly become friendly and turned to a self acclaimed defender of the same judicial institution it recently blackmailed and publicly insulted.

“The people of Osun state cannot be carried away by mere propaganda and deliberate falsehood of a drowning political party, the APC that is aimed at creating confusion in the minds of the people. 

“Nigerians know the political party that has penchant for disobedience and disregard for the Rule of Law. The people know how APC gave money to touts and imported jobless Lagosians and many people from other neighbouring states with ridiculous stipends who matched on the streets of Osogbo to demonstrate against the judgment that was widely applauded with wild jubilations across the Nation and Osun State.” 

“One wonders why the ruling Party limited its then anti-tribunal judgment protest to Osogbo township alone, why didn’t they replicate the demonstration in every local government areas of the state like the spontaneous jubilation that greeted the victory of Senator Nurudeen Ademola Adeleke and the PDP.

“This recent allegations against PDP by the APC and their strange interest in defense of the Judiciary is a confirmation of the authenticity of the alleged bribery attempts, because the allegations did not emanated from the officials of  our party but from the interested Nigerians people who are following the Osun state gubernatorial election case at the tribunal keenly. However, with this action of the APC, it is only confirming that they truly made the move but failed.”

He further stressed that “It is also saddening that since the people of Osun state gave their mandate to Senator Nurudeen Ademola Adeleke, the APC has employed different tactics to destroy and smear his image by going to different courts on frivolous allegations and also using the instrument of Government to victimised his person but they will fail in all their attempts.

“We however, strongly advise and warn that nothing untoward or bad incidence in all ramifications should happen to this Man of Destiny, especially in the area of security.”

If there is any political party that is tolerant,  law abiding, peaceful and peace loving, it is PDP.  We demonstrated this during the open electoral robbery of our party on September 22, 2018 , if it was APC that was in our position, war would have broken out but in our characteristic manner we calmed down our supporters and followers and followed the rule of law to claim our mandate and we thank God that the judges lived up to their callings by ensuring that justice and truth prevailed. Even when some of our submissions and applications were rejected, we opted for appeal. 

“Without any equivocation, we must let the APC know that we are not unaware of the grand plan of the APC to engage the state in mayhem and violence in a situation that the Appeal Court judgment doesn’t favour them. This is another style of the APC, they are fond of accusing people of what they are planning to do, it is an old fashion and the whole world have known and seen it as their style.

“However, we implore all institutions and agencies of government, especially, the Inspector General of Police and those that are saddled with the responsibilities of maintaining peace not to allow themselves to be used by the APC with their anti democratic tendencies. We also advise them to be on the red alert and avoid being lukewarm if and when the APC makes any attempt to cause mayhem after the declaration of our party’s candidate Senator Nurudeen Ademola Adeleke as the rightful owner of the mandate freely given to him by the people of Osun State. 

“We are also again reiterating our absolute confidence in the judiciary to deliver judgment of truth based on available evidences with them without fear or favour.

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