Terrorism expert to Buhari: Create ‘third force’ to fight B/Haram, bandits


A Nigerian-born expert based in the United Kingdom, Dr. Joseph Sunny Ifedimma has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to establish a third force to effectively tackle the lingering insecurity across the country.

Ifedimma, who is the Director, Africa Counter and Security Academy, England lamented that and other terror fraternities in Nigeria are seriously challenging and undermining national security and unity.

Emphasising the importance of a third force to flush out insurgents and other security threats, the expert noted that, “In combating globally, the UN league of charter on recommended the formation of a “third force” devoid of the military and police, which is supposed to be an independent organisation.”

In a letter titled “Conscientious appeal to the presidential tenant of power”, he explained that “The powers and responsibilities to fight and manage need to be domiciled with the appropriate institution.

“Surprisingly, in Nigeria currently, there is no specific agency responsible for this; nor has there been anyone occupying the vacant office of the Counter Terrorism Adviser to since 2015 till date.

“This could be an operational oversight that needs a careful review. This office is structured to be the conscience and voice of the nation and president on counter terrorism and allied matters.

“The core essence of this office was to provide effective coordination, streamline and regulate the activities of our counter terrorism agencies.”

Ifedimma stressed that the office “was designed to be the counter terrorism policy maker, therefore the current pressure and stress on your presidency concerning critical crime is an aberration, as the law of establishing this office mandated this office to be answerable to and Nigerians”.

According to him, “The EndSARS and existing attacks on security operatives, garrison stations and correctional are in the superlative, and will need adroit handling and attention.

“These upscale attacks, their frequencies and atrocities in Nigeria will continue to constitute challenging and trying times, so Nigeria needs to engage the professional services of relevant intellectuals and experts”.

One time private adviser on counter terrorism in Nigeria submitted that “These insecurity and critical crimes were already in existence between 2008-2015, so you assumed power inheriting these social absurdities.

“Added to what you inherited were the indices of the current regional pandemonium, transpiring in the South west, South east and South south.

“We are dealing with a new band of terrorists trained outside the normal profile, though so far, your new Service Chiefs are audaciously dealing with the ”.

Ifedimma, who was private adviser on terrorism to one-time National Security Adviser, Late Gen. Andrew Azazi disclosed that “Coincidentally, it was my memo between 2010 to 2011 to the National Security Adviser that established this office, when I acted as his private adviser on counter terrorism and allied critical crimes.

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