Thank you World Bank for your prompt action

I write to commend the World Bank for its prompt action after my complaint against its branch in Abuja, Nigeria.

A representative of the Work Bank, Mr.Tamara Essayyad, from the World Bank Group’s Integrity Vice Presidency (INT), was assigned to review my complaint and he reached out to me to get more information.

World Bank Group’s Integrity Vice Presidency is responsible for investigating allegations of fraud and corruption involving World Bank Group operations, vendors or staff and my complaint was against the infinitesimal salary of private guards at the Abuja branch of the bank which has shown there is a fraud and corruption in the system.

A guard at the Abuja Branch of World Bank receives N45,000 as his or her monthly salary while the World Bank pays over ₦300,000 or even more as guard’s salary for a month.

With that, it is obvious something is wrong and I took time to investigate. Thereafter, I discovered the officials of the bank in charge of the employment of the security guards contracted a private security company called GardaWorld Consulting Nigeria Ltd to supply guards to the bank and the houses where the bank staff live.

In Nigeria, this has been in practice but a reputable organisation like the World Bank should not accept this kind of rotten system.

Those in charge of employment of the guards would contract a private security company to supply guards but at the same time cannot release the actual amount budgeted for the guards’ salaries and allowances. In many cases, half of the budgeted amount will be reserved to be shared among those who are in charge of the employment of guards.

Thereafter, the private security company that gets the contract would slash the amount given and pay very little to the guards who suffer more, doing the job.

How can the World Bank budget ₦300,000 or more as salary per guard but the same guard gets only ₦45,000?

Is that fair? Is that Godly? Is that not fraud? Is that not corruption? Is that not satanic? Is that not slavery? And is that not cheating?  

I appreciate the World Bank for giving my complaint the needed attention but I will not rest until the guards get justice and have a fair treatment.
Awunah Pius Terwase,Mpape, Abuja-Nigeria08171565145[email protected]