That Oshiomhole’s momentous decision

One of the most momentous decisions taken by the Adams Oshiomhole-led national executive of the ruling party, APC, is to utilize the method of direct primaries in picking candidates for elective offices at all levels with the exception of states where MAJORITY of stakeholders opt for consensus or indirect primaries as permitted by their party constitution.
This is indeed a revolutionary step to enthrone card carrying members of the party as the true sovereigns and owners of the party.
If Oshiomhole and his NWC were actuated by a desire for concentration of power at the centre or opportunities to utilize his position as a means of accumulation, then the consensus or indirect delegates system would have been the preferred option for the NWC.
Empowering every party member to have a say in the emergence of candidates for elective offices decentralizes the party structure and minimizes although not totally eliminating the influence of money in the candidate selection process.
Of course, there is understandable resistance to this radical change from some states controlled by the party who desire the retention of the status quo with modifications.
Oshiomhole has the responsibility of persuading and convincing the vast majority of part members that the direct primary method is in the best interest of the party.
It is the best way of ensuring inclusiveness in the intraparty elections and limiting the possibility or efficacy of protest votes in general elections.
The fear of insecurity is certainly not an excuse.
Otherwise, a persuasive case can also be made not to hold the 2019 general elections, which are even more all encompassing than intra-party elections, for security reasons.
States in the Northeast region, apart from Borno and Yobe, have nothing to do with security challenges unless, if those states want to create artificial security challenges to truncate the use of direct primaries.
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