The APC we knew under Buni

Governor Mai Buni

The All Progressives Congress (APC) we knew under the erstwhile leadership of Governor of Yobe state, Mai Mala Buni, who was the Acting National Chairman Extra Ordinary Convention Planning Committee had members who agreed on some policies and programmes for the society with a view to promoting the common good.

The APC we knew under Mai Mala Buni always sought to implement its policies by winning popular support through elections and doing justice to every member of the party.

The APC we knew under Mai Mala Buni had its group of people who came together to contest both primary and secondary elections and hold power in government.

The APC we knew under Mai Mala Buni had good communication channels with empathy. It had self confidence, integrity, accountability, creativity, goal, passion, honesty and courage.

The APC we knew under Mai Mala Buni had good delegation, innovation, problem solving, self-awareness, resilience and focus.

Regrettably, as an ardent supporter, a member of the APC, a young man who believes in justice and equity, I have to sort out what’s deeply itching me on the ongoing alleged irregularities within the party (APC).

If it’s true that the Senate President, Sen. Ahmad Ibrahim Lawan, is the authentic candidate for both APC and INEC for Yobe ‘Zone C’ despite the fact that Bashir Machina didn’t step down as elected candidate, then we don’t have a country neither are we fighting corruption and injustice.

Someone commented on Facebook saying “That’s why I’m fervently praying for APC to lose the 2023 election at the centre because the party has jettisoned decorum, rule of law, justice and fair play. We were busy blaming PDP for these corrupt practices only for the much loved APC to be doing even worst. This is apart from the hardship it inflicted on Nigerians in its seven years rule”.

This implies that many people are complaining about the ongoing irregularities in the party, and I therefore personally call on the current leadership and national chairman of the party (APC), Senator Abdullahi Adamu, and his cohorts to wake up from my their slumber and do the needful if they really want this party to succeed in the forthcoming general elections.

There’s also the need for the current leadership of the party to learn from and emulate Governor Mai Mala Buni when he held sway as the acting national chairman extra ordinary convention planning committee so as to do justice to every member of the party in order to make the country great.

Under Buni’s leadership, the APC rose from 11 million to 41 million members.

We should also remember that Mai Mala Buni succeeded in reconciling many aggrieved members of the party as well as attracting three serving state governors from Zamfara, Cross River and Ebonyi states from the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to the party.

I’m happy to say that Buni turned around the fortunes of the party from a crisis ridden party to one with great prospects that has the capacity to stay in power beyond 2023.

Indeed, the best quality of a politician is honesty, God-fearing and loving. A faithful and effective politician is trustworthy and reliable. He must capture the essence of truth, display sincerity, candour and practice what he preaches. He makes decisions and accepts responsibility for his actions and inactions.

The same is true in his dealing with his people. He makes promises and keeps those promises; somebody that people can rely on. Loving people with all his heart, might, mind, soul and striving to help them is a true mark of a responsible politician and, of course, Buni is not lagging behind on these qualities.

And that is why I’m not surprised as today he is being awarded with the “National Politician Of The Year 2021” by Blueprint Newspapers.

It’s obvious that Buni is someone that is an expert when it comes to conflict resolution. We cannot deny the fact that since assumption of office as the caretaker national chairman of the APC he managed crises and silenced its members from unnecessary criticism.

A stich in time, saves nine!

Abdulmumin Kolo Gulani,

Maiduguri, Borno state

[email protected]

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