The burden of expectations

There will always be a hearsay about anyone who wishes to take the mantle of leadership, it does not only happen in politics, it also applies to other aspects of life, especially Governer Governor Bala Muhammed, who came with a unique aspiration to get into power, and was able to get an outstanding victory of unseating an incumbent governor, which came as a shock to all and sundry.

Before the 2019 gubernatorial election, a lot of folktales and baseless stories, as well as unjustifiable narratives were propagated against the governor to boycott the masses attention from him and kill the hope they had in him, but unfortunate for the political gladiators, God has willed Bala Muhammad to succeed through thick and thin.

On the ground of how such politically motivated stories were widely spread to paint Bala Muhammed black in the eyes of anyone that sees him as a scalable candidate, the governor was openly asked by a prominent scholar out of curiosity about such hearsays, when the governor paid him a visit seeking for his support and advice, to people’s ultimate surprise who were present then, Bala Muhammad instantly debunked those ugly stories – the scenario was narrated by a cleric in a sermon.

Perhaps that was part of the God’s mercy on Bala Muhammad that he brought him into the power to prove the contrary of what was cooked against him. And surely, the numerous completed projects – both the abandoned ones and the ones initially initiated by the governor will clear your doubts that such stories were just hyperbolically presented.

Bala Muhammed has in all angles, exhausted positively the magnitude of the burden of expectation put upon him by the electorates, those who claim being on the opposition sides or whatever might be among the categories of people who do not follow the Government affairs and probably judge based on the street gist.

As to what is happening these days, by all indications, people has started to see the governor beyond just being a Bauchi state governor, in such a way that the recognition he enjoys from the national levels – from both the people’s democratic party (PDP) and other non-governmental bodies is uniquely captivating.

I read somewhere on the internet, where some writers started to portray a thought-provoking predictions about the governor, which I, in the first place, thougt it was just a street talk of some insignificant commoners in the society, it is nothing but showcasing the capacity of the governor as a scintillating politician that has built a career strong enough to run for the seat of presidential aspirant from northeastern Nigerian region.

One may belittle or treat such anticipations lightly, but if you analyze the governor’s records in his entire political and administrative careers, having occupied the core administrative parastatals at the national levels, is something that realistically called for concern.

Having been to senate house as a representative of Bauchi, and a single person who served six subsequent years as an FCT minister, presidential candidature might only be the next target after finishing his whole tenure as a governor. Thus it is, without an iota of doubt, an early sign that beyond being a workaholic governor, Northeastern Nigeria will soon produce a capacitated presidential aspirant from their zone after quite a long time.

Muhammad Khalid Idris[email protected]

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