The contradictions in Yobe theatre of absurd

Governor Gaidam

Since the endorsement of Alhaji Mai Mala Buni, APC National Secretary, by Yobe state Governor Alhaji Ibrahim Gaidam as his preferred candidate to succeed him in 2019, one Bulama Gulani, although not real identity, has not found peace with himself.
He has written some fabrications contesting Gaidam’s right of association and choice.
To begin with, that the author whose identity is now unveiled and works with an international body refuses to disclose his true identity and hides under the name ‘Gulani’ is absurd, bizarre and barren in honor.
You should be bold to own up as a truly concerned citizen who is not paid to do any dirty deal.
As a Muslim who believes in Allah’s will, your belief must be total and not selective.
By the way, who says the endorsement of Mai Mala by Governor Gaidam who was sufficiently mandated by critical stakeholders was not the will of Allah? Why must it be when your expectations are met then it becomes the wish of Allah.
Perhaps, few more sermons from the likes of Ustaz Abubakar Adam, Babagana Malam Kyari and Hudu Muhammad would have made you not to be selective in appreciating the ‘Will of Allah’ better.
The article ‘2019: Yobe theatre of absurd’ clearly exhibits the deficiency in morality for someone to ridiculously package glaring contradictions to fan hate and confusion among the peace loving community of Yobe state and, especially APC family.
When the authors of the APC constitution brilliantly crafted the laws, they took into cognizance emerging scenarios in a growing democracy such as ours and provided three options of direct, indirect and consensus primary election models.
This was done to build more unity, save cost and to build internal party democracy.
The falsehood that the people of Yobe met and settled for direct primaries remains a wild imagination of Gulani and his sponsors.
APC, PDP, APGA, SDP or any other political party have never met in the present dispensation and adopted direct primaries in Yobe state.
APC State Executive Committee (SEC) met on September 5, 2018 which was followed by another enlarged stakeholders forum meeting on September 6.
The two meetings unanimously resolved and adopted the indirect election for the primary.
It is important to put the records straight that the indirect election was never the creation of the State Executive Committee, party stakeholders, Governor Gaidam or Alhaji Buni.
It is a constitutional provision and there is no evidence to suggest that the party constitution was breached in any form while adopting the indirect option.
Again, since the drafting of the constitution about five years ago, nobody had anywhere at anytime challenged the indirect or consensus options in or outside a court of law.
The law is still valid, legal and binding.
Perhaps the likes of Gulani who had been in Abuja, need to know that the September 6 meeting of the party stakeholders representing every political ward in the state, a no less personality in the person of Nigeria’s Senate Leader, a holder of Doctor of Philosophy, an astute politician and national legislator for 19 years, holder the Commander Of the Niger (CON) and community leader, Dan Masanin Bade, Ahmad Lawan, graciously moved a motion for adoption of indirect election for the party primary in the state.
The motion was seconded by the Leader, Yobe state House of Assembly, Alhaji Usman Adamu Kabarma.
Their submissions were clear that the party in the state does not have comprehensive register of party members in all the local government areas owing to the tragic and protracted security challenge that afflicted the state.
Secondly, the party needs N400 million to N500 million to organize the direct primary election in addition to the comprehensive membership register.
Thirdly, this needs to be done by September 7, 2018.
All of these, the party doesn’t have.
These convincing reasons left the SEC and stakeholders with no option than to unanimously adopt the indirect and consensus mode of election for the primaries.
However, in the spirit of true democracy, Governor Gaidam as the leader of the party in Yobe state assured that primaries would be conducted and every aspirant is free to vie for any office for candidates to emerge.
What else do we need in such a practical leader? How democratic can he be? As a politician with 10-year experience as state governor, it will be misleading to say he wouldn’t want to have capable and competent hands that will sustain his passion for a more developed Yobe state.
To the issue of the endorsement of Buni by the governor, Gaidam only acted on a mandate assigned to him by stakeholders who were representatives of the wards, local governments and zones of Alhaji Aji Kolo, Alhaji Ibrahim Bomoi, Alhaji Ibrahim Umar, Alhaji Sidi Karasuwa, Alhaji Mai Mala Buni and Hajiya Khadija Bukar Abba Ibrahim, the six governorship aspirants of the party.
The stakeholders unanimously mandated the governor to “use his discretion to nominate a capable and competent person among the aspirants for endorsement as the preferred aspirant of the party.” Fortunately and by the will of Allah, Gaidam nominated Buni as the preferred governorship flag bearer of the party.
This, till date was never contested by any of the stakeholders who represented all the 177 political wards, 17 local governments, three zones and state executive committee at the meeting.
For us in Yobe state, there is no doubt, the Gaidam administration has put the state on the path of accelerated development and we need this legacy not only to be sustained but upgraded to make life more meaningful for the good people of the state.
This, Gaidam has seen in the competence and capability of Buni.
When President Muhammadu Buhari endorsed Buni to re-contest the office of APC National Secretary, we all celebrated because in Buni we saw a most competent, humble and capable illustrious son for the office.
We all celebrated him as a good ambassador who had done the state proud.
Now that the governor, party stakeholders and President Buhari have all found him worthy for the governorship and endorsed him, we should once again celebrate, join hands together and endorse this will of God in 2019 elections.
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