The curse of Nigeria’s oil

Mahmoon Baba-Ahmed-

The secret plan by the Western super powers to subvert Nigeria and plunder her immense mineral and natural resources is gradually coming to light and majority of Nigerians are viewing it with utmost disdain.  They are now fully convinced that most of the problems causing massive unrests in the country are not unconnected with the reprehensible   arrangement to milk Nigeria dry. That had been an immemorial ambition of the Western powers that had been surreptitiously planning to begrudge Nigerians the benefit of its oil and to enjoy it more than them in all respects.

The exploitative super powers have earlier known that they couldn’t have their ways in that regard without creating divisions among Nigerians that will subsequently engender acrimonious friction between different religious adherents and tribal bigots. In that case they can manipulate them as they wished. The overall intention was to produce a situation that could warrant forceful intervention in Nigeria’s affairs in the guise of making peace or for an insincere and veiled pretense to protect the economic interests of their nationals.

In the past few decades these scheming countries have largely succeeded in tearing the country apart, using religion and ethnicity as means of achieving their ignoble objectives of causing havoc and extreme devastation. These vices have to a large extent been responsible for the wide schism between the North and the South as well as factoring religion in all aspects of governance and socialization. It is now too late to redress these depravities which are deeply embedded in Nigeria’s socio-political life and are threatening to destroy, in accordance with the design of its foreign detractors, its gradual advancement to greatness.

The bizarre, weird  activities of these scheming countries  ostensibly to gain an upper hand  or controlling position in Nigeria’s affairs, and indeed any other developing country for that matter, with a view to exploit its resources,  take much longer time to become  effectual. In fact they are likened to a cancer which manifests slowly but progressively lethal. America and its nefarious European allies have for long been planning for an opportunity to rob Nigeria of everything of value especially its immense resources. They have variously planned how to gain or acquire the rich oil reserves in the Gulf of Guinea by fraudulent means. This area comprises Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon and Angola all stupendously endowed with crude oil and natural gases.

The grand stratagem to be used in realizing that noxious objective is the setting up of Gulf of Guinea Military High Command which could facilitate their forceful entry into all or any of these countries on the pretence of providing protection from possible foreign aggression or to shield their nationals or companies operating there from undue influence that may jeopardize their interests. Although the Guinea Gulf countries have not yielded to persistent pressure from the Western super powers to grant them the right of setting up the Military High Command, a recent announcement by France, Britain, America and Germany had indicated that such is in the offing at the Gulf of Guinea extensively to checkmate the incessant crude oil theft from Nigeria’s vast oil fields.

Crude oil larceny was not a novelty on the list of corrupt practices in Nigeria and has formed part of an illegal, yet lucrative transatlantic trade. The illicit crude oil from Nigeria is openly and intentionally sold in the European markets with the active connivance of the governments of the receiving countries. And when President Goodluck Jonathan solicited their assistance in ending the massive crude oil thievery they retorted insultingly by indicating their hopelessness in preventing highly placed Federal Government officials from stealing the crude oil and scornfully advised him to restrain them instead.
It could therefore be argued that companies of these foreign powers aid and abet crude oil theft in Nigeria just as they have likewise been accused of involvement in fanning the embers of sectarian crises in the Northern parts of the country. Is the Nigerian Navy totally incapable of containing the activities of crude oil pirates to warrant the infringement by the foreign Military High Command of the country’s coastal area?  Can the presence of any alien force miraculously alter the situation? It is actually doubtful.

Besides, it was also alleged that the prevalence of large oil and gas reserves at the shores of Lake Chad is among the remote causes that facilitate perennial unrest in the large swathes of the adjoining countries. Their intention is to evacuate Lake Chad basin resources by a proposed pipeline from the area through Cameroun to the Guinea Gulf for shipment to their respective countries. Now, it is feared that the realization of the Military High Command in the Gulf of Guinea will spur the sponsoring countries to stir up more problems for the country especially with regards to the raging disagreement over resource control at the ongoing national conference and that may degenerate into a serious matter that may warrant the intervention of superpowers to protect the oil fields from any seeming eventuality. It may also remain there for good, making the oil unavailable to all.

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