The danger in splitting Jimeta district

The efforts of Governor Ahmadu Fintri of Adamawa state towards uplifting the state to enviable heights in the last two years of his of his leadership is commendable. Governor Fintri should be counted among those who governed the state meritoriously to the admiration of the people.
However, his plan to split Jimeta into different districts has waned his popularity. The action will divide the district, where the people have been living peacefully without any kind of rancour or acrimony for centuries. Splitting Jimeta into two or three districts will no doubt spell doom for the district as well as bring about distrust among the people that are make the different tribes and bring to the front burner religious differences between Muslims and Christians.
Nigerian politics portrays a system that is under siege by the actions and inactions of its leaders. Governor Fintri should not allow splitting of the district even if the Adamawa Emirate Council intends to do so.
Splitting the Jimeta District will place additional burden on Yola-North local government given the meagre allocation to the council. The city of Jimeta is cosmopolitan with divergent ethnic nationalities living in peace and harmony for years.

Governor Fintri’s action will ultimately kill him and his party. The people expect projects and programmes that will impact positively on their lives in Jimeta rather than put asunder with the split of the district.

Splitting the district along tribal and religion lines will no doubt promote intolerance among the people, who today see each other as brothers and sisters.
It is imperative for those that matter to urgently advise the governor to stop the action for the purpose of cohesion and oneness among the people as well as lessen the burden on Yola-North local government in maintaining the new districts, if created.

Presently the district is made up of 11 wards, if split into two, it means Gwadabawa, Yelwa, Ajiya, Rumde, Alkalawa and Limawa wards will be predominantly Muslims while Nassarawo, Luggere, Karewa, Doubeli and Jambutu wards will be inhibited by Christians. It is not good to create districts along religious divide.A stitch in time saves nine.
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