The delightful defeat of Dino


The needless hullabaloo of yesterday, over the bunkum that Buhari was getting married to a second wife, in the person of Minister Sadiya Umar Faruk, distracted my attention from the good news of the second defeat of Senator Dino Melaye at the Appeal Court. it’s a good news, very good news or even excellent news, politically. Dino, Misau and Saraki have been three senators that constituted a clog in Nigeria’s wheel of democratic progress. The two, under the cover of the third, who was the Senate president, kept playing attack dogs in manners that rediculed the dignity and respect of the revered red chamber. When Saraki wants to scorn the Police, Misau was used as the fall guy, to disparage his bosses and the institution that bred and brought him up. When it comes to being rude to the president, Dino was the dude for the deal, because of his cheap, unprincipled and reprehensible character. The three have now met their political waterloo, individually and collectively, while those they taunted, are either laughing in the comfort of retirement, or waxing stronger in the corridors of power. Such is the irony of the tragedy of the troika.

While Iam happy Saraki was sliced to size politically, Dino’s defeat is the most palatable to me democratically, because keeping such people, who make mockery of the law, in the legislative arm of government, where laws are made and oversight powers vested, is nothing but a big disservice to the nation. A man who has no respect for the law, has no business making laws. A man who looks down on leaders, has no business leading others. A man who promotes mediocracy, should not be allowed to mediate in a democracy. Although in its ruling, the Appeal Court said INEC should conduct another election within ninety days, and presumably permit Dino to partake in the election, I think defeating him again must be taken as a patriotic assignment, by the voters of the Kogi West senatorial district. That way, the Senate would enjoy the desired respect and a sense of serious sanity.

For Senator Isa Hamma Misau, who was given a new assignment by his former boss and now the elected governor of Bauchi state, Senator Bala Mohammed, his fall from grace to grass was the biggest democratic dividend given to the people of Bauchi Central Senatorial District. Though the governor had put him in a committee that is charged with the responsibility of recovering funds overcharged and paid to companies handling contracts awarded by the previous government, the assignment may lead to another tragedy. The committee was also asked to consider and review all land allocations carried out by the previous administration without following the due process.

Ironically, the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) has reported the recovery of six tractors from the same Senator Isa Misau. The tractors were meant for the use of farmers in six local government areas of his constituency, but the equipment were not delivered to the farmers, as indicated in the Constituency Projects credited to the senator. While he is busy digging into the past of the former governor, ICPC is equally busy digging into his scandalous tenure at the Senate. This is aside the humiliation he receives, anytime he dares a visit home. That is the tragic tragedy of being part of the troika.

Saraki, the corporate head of the troika, was silenced and humiliated in Kwara through a slogan titled O TO GO, or Enough is Enough, which was first coined by Alhaji LAK Jimoh, and which succeeded in demolishing the political dynasty of the former Senate president. For Kwarans and Nigerians, it was a pleasure missing Saraki politically. Saraki it was, that introduced high handedness, intolerance and alleged thuggery in the discharge of legislative duties of the 8th Assembly. For the first time, under the watchful eyes of Saraki, and certainly with his tacit approval, PMB was booed and shouted down with screams of nooooo, nooooo, lieessss, while presenting the 2019 budget. The arrowhead of that legislative rascality was no one but Dino Melaye.  The shout was loudest when the President said, “the economy has recovered from recession”, and that Boko Haram was degraded. In disbelief and anger, PMB abandoned his speech, and called the lawmakers to order, saying, distinguished members, let us conduct ourselves properly, because the world is watching us and we are supposed to be above this. What a shame. Yes, shame onto Saraki’s style of leadership.

Only a few days ago, PMB put up a similar appearance to perform similar ritual before the same Assembly, but this time around there was no Misau, Dino was there for a destined farewell only, and trembling to be recognise by the legendary leader he once booed, while the sliced, silenced and subdued Saraki was conspicuously absent. The reception was respectable, the presentation palatable and the chamber was most cheerful. Thank God for the tragic tragedy of the troika, particularly the delightful departure of Dino. May God make the ninth assembly learn from the lessons of the troika.

Ibrahim writes from Kaduna

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