The demolition of Mpape, other communities is evil

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Mpape is one of the communities in Abuja that accommodates many who cannot afford to live in Maitama, Asokoro, Wuse and other districts in Abuja due to the high cost of accommodation, foodstuffs and other things found in the areas mentioned.

 The demolition of houses built by the common people in Mpape and other communities in Abuja is evil and should be discontinued.  
Those in leadership instigate the demolition and thereafter, buy places being demolished for their selfish interest and call it development. Government’s reason for demolition is  always centred on illegal structures but, why can’t the same government legalise the structures and give them back to the owners as part of its development and responsibilities?

One of the functions of a government is to provide shelters for its citizens but here we have a government that cannot provide shelter but demolishes the shelter we provide from the little we earn via our daily struggle. Is this government for the people?
The present government appears to be careless about the people’s wellbeing and has demonstrated its lackadaisical attitude in its actions and communications. What a government!

I wonder why the government takes delight in seeing people suffer as the result of its policies that favour only its members but cause pains to the common people.
Let me at this point pray the people of Mpape and those in other communities in Abuja that are witnessing the demolition of their houses, find a safe place to stay and continue to live their lives. In God we trust.
Awunah Pius Terwase,Mpape, Abuja08171565145[email protected]

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