The digital minister In the 21st century

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In the 21st century, when the world has transitioned to a digital system, the Ministry of Communication and Digital Economy is fortunate to have a digitalised gentleman as its minister. Everything is now in your control because the entire planet has become a global village.

The Minister of Communication and Digital Economy, Professor Isa Ali Pantami, has become a household figure in the country as a result of his actions and forthright attitude towards communication matters. He’s engraved his name in gold. His present vessel has a long list of impressive accomplishments that everyone can see.

Indeed, one can’t mention the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) without also mentioning Pantami. In fact, the organisation was not known to many Nigerians until Pantami’s reign, where he performed exceptional magic to bring it to limelight. Although, he was not the pioneer director general, but his performance superseded all those that came before him. That was the cognitive reason why he was elevated to a minister.

As a true son of the North-east, we’re indeed proud of him. We thank Mr. President for finding our son worthy of being part of his cabinet, perhaps one of the most important and critical ministries in Nigeria.

However, after he was sworn in as a minister, coincidentally, the country experienced a devastating threat posed by bandits who kidnap for ransom and kill innocent Nigerians. Notwithstanding, Pantami has brought about a new development in tracing these terrorists with modern technological devices.

Nevertheless, most countrymen were not fully aware of the positive impact of linking their Global System Mobile numbers with the National Identification Number until the coming of Pantami. Thus, it contributed massively to the arrest of these awful bandits who illegally operate day-in-day-out. In some states of the country that are bedeviled by terrorists, specifically, Zamfara, Katsina, Niger, and Kaduna, there were reports of the arrest of bandits through tracing their territories.
In conclusion, I implore Prof. Pantami to not deter from what he has been positively embarking on: the smooth discharge of his assignment.

Hon. Salisu Sabo, DG Rochas Care,Bauchi, Bauchi state[email protected]

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