The Ekeinde’s horrified over published photos of their daughter

The-Ekeinde'sOver the weekend some beautiful pictures of actress Omotola Jalade Ekeinde’s daughter made their way all of the social media and blogs.
Omotola fumes: “…going to a 14 year old’s ‘private’ online accts to post her pictures for public viewing is totally inappropriate. Her father and I are horrified as parents and guardian that a minor’s picture can be paraded online as ‘hot,’ ‘sexy’ etc…We know the bloggers probably meant no harm but in a world full of craddle-robbers and sickos every adult with morales should know where to draw the line.

I WILL NOT hesitate henceforth to use everything within my power to bring ANYONE to justice who does this with any of my under aged kids after “this” first time episode !”

Her name is Meraiah and she is only fourteen years old. Interestingly she shares same birthday with Omotola herself as they were both born on February 7th. Meraiah is the second daughter; Omotola has two boys and two girls.
One understands where Omotola  is coming from, and her point is taken but the cause for concern now is if it’s right for a mother who admits her daughter is a minor to allow her be on social media knowing fully the disadvantages?

Besides, when it comes to privacy, every user of Facebook will agree that one doesn’t have to be a ‘friend’ before one can view the photos of a Facebook user.
Before Omotola went about ranting at the viral media, did she ever think to herself that privacy for a celeb and their close family is a fantasy, or don’t we see pictures of Obama’s daughters?
To think that this is the same girl Omotola shared her photos together with her other kids on Twitter last year when they went on vacation in Rome.

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