The falacy of religious bigotry against Osinbajo

Whoever does not have s second thought in his dealings should not read beyond this paragraph, because he might end up thinking otherwise.
Whenever people hear someone say “in my opinion” they shouldn’t call the conversation off instead they should look at the background of the discussion. If it’s a conversation that requires such opinion, good and fine, but it not, then you can call the attention of the person that you’re discussing the issue with.
I often tell people that democracy is not a perfect system of government,it is a combination of different ideologies from different philosphers. Meanwhile in politics nothing like “fact” but rather “assumption”.
My focus is not on the declaration by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo to contest the 2023 presidential election. I am not bothered on how he’s running the affairs of his office but I am against the false allegation against him on bigotry.
As a Muslim and a northerner my view may go against the tradition of the North. In fact, most members of the general public would be wondering why I choose to go to this length after knowing full well that Osinbajo has been accused of religious bigotry.
Nonetheless, as a Nigerian and someone who is passionate on balancing political opinions, I don’t care what people say. Besides, we all have our own individual differences.
“Majority always carrying the vote,” is an English adage. Being a Nigerian I can tell how ethnicity is playing a vital role in our affairs, it got to an an extent that one looks for a small chance to appoint his people without thinking of what would happen in the future.
Osinbajo as a two-term vice president of Nigeria and someone who is a pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) gave highest percentage of his cabinet to RCCG. It’s expected by now a strange move would have been raised in his office, yet nothing awry happened.
However, it could be recalled that from 2015 till date, Osinbajo has been given a lots of opportunities that if he so wished he can sabotage Muslims of the country not even those that are working in his office. But he didn’t for once show segregation to his staff. So, why do some people think he would cause religious crisis if he is opportuned to succeed this President Muhammadu Buhari?
Moreover, if Osinbajo is intolerant, according to what others are preaching, by now he should have sacked all the Muslims working in his office, because they must go and observe prayers and in  the process of that, definitely they will delay some response one way or the other, yet he didn’t complain on that.
Finally, I will like to conclude my short piece by asking some questions.
Though this is a clear and clean political hypocrisy, because if not why in 2015 general elections majority of those that are accusing him with bigotry believe that voting him is a ” jihad”?What took them so long to realise that he’s a religious bigot? Or is it because now he wants to know the real him?

Abubakar Muhammad Sani[email protected]Writes From Kaduna

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