The human bed bugs and Gov Yahaya Bello

By meaning, bed bug is a small infectious insect that lives with us in our homes.
While in intelligence parlance, to ‘bug’ is a special device or means of information gathering that can be used to undo the source or a target.
Therefore, the human bed bugs in our lives are the trusted ones who go behind to spill (reveal) the oddities in us.
In recent times, this peculiar character has become part of the hitherto Anebira of good character, our brothers’ keepers.
Most times, this attitude of betrayal is exhibited for gains or out of mere envy/hatred.
Today, in Ebiraland, it is common to find people who will be happy at your success and sing praises of you, only to turn around the next moment to crucify you.
That is how Ebiras of today engage in the pull him down (Phd) syndrome against their fellow Anebira; who are blessed to be in vantage position.
A readily available case of study is the case of our own Governor Yahaya Bello whose applauded victory has suddenly turned sour, as if things are irredeemable, or as if Governor Yahaya Bello is no longer a mortal (human), that is not free from erring or mistakes.
To my brothers, Ebiras, to err is human and to judge is that of God.
So, let us leave each individual to his conscience, as well as give room for corrections, as only God is perfect.
While a person in authority cannot do without aids, it is sad that these aids sometimes engage themselves in an unholy game of blackmailing, all in an attempt to curry the favour of their boss.
Since all the above mentioned abound, it is important that our own, GYB be aware, observe and study well to understand the chameleonic nature of human beings.
There is always more than meet the Eye.
It is often said that the “devil your know is better than the saint you don’t know.
“Also that an old broom sweeps all corners of the room better.
It is advisable for GYB to toe the above line in order to detect a friend or foe among his aides in government.
As we approach the general elections and as we seek another 4years term for GYB, let all political appointees (aides) be closer to the grassroots, let them be heard and seen.
Let them be accessible to the people, by emulating the good virtues of the Special Adviser to the Governor on Local Government/ Chieftaincy Affairs, Hon.
Abubakar Ohere, who is striving hard to touch lives and project the good name and work of GYB.
At every opportunity he has to talk to the conscience of Ebiras his popular sing-song is this; “My Ebira people, we should not throw away the baby with the bath water to avoid future regrets”.
A word is enough for the wise.
Let us pray that God who ordains GYB guide/guard him more aright, let’s unite to work together for the sake and progress of Ebiraland, Kogi state and Nigeria in general.
Ahmed Adoke, Km8, Okene-Lokoja Road, Nagazi-Uvete, Adavi L.G.A., Kogi state.


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