The Igala agenda: Between trust and deceit

I can say categorically that the recent vitriolic attacks by some disgruntled and rent seeking politicians who do not neccessary represent the Igala interest but themselves is all about trust. Those masquerading under the umbrella of the Igala agenda are those that are truly afraid that their political fortunes have waned. They tried godfathering politicians and when it becomes critically and vividly clear to them that they are lacking in trust to the politicians, they now embraced the Igala agenda as a face saving antics.

I can say emphatically that this last antics of theirs will fail because our people have become politically sophisticated and they know a good agenda when they see one.

Those championing the Igala agenda are those who played different roles in Kogi politics without any positive result. The people championing these belated and self serving Igala agenda are former governors, senators, House of Representatives members and local government chairmen who have nothing to show to the Igala people when they bestrode our political horizon and space as demi-gods. The Igala nation are tired of them and their agenda. They now think of introducing a kindergarten agenda to save their faces.

 What Barrister Halima is simply telling them is a naked truth which they do not hastily want to accept. She is simply reminding them that God is so good that he answers the people’s prayers at the right time which he chooses, even when they do not merit it, his mercies endure. Yahaya Bello is the sign of Gods mercies on our people, as God uses that which is weak to shame that which is big. Let them continue to play god and God almighty will show them that he remains on the throne and he gives power to whom he pleases.

The Igala agenda proponents are selfish politicians. The interest of the people is not paramount to them. They pursue shadows pretending to the people. Do we have any truthful and egalitarian politician among them? The answer is No.

Most of them were voted into various high offices to help lay a good foundation for the development of as a collective but their actions and inactions have left many of our people go without food, water and shelter, the minimum our people can ask of. During their time in office, you can see corruption everywhere, and with impunity see roads becoming death traps. Our youth roaming the streets daily in search of non existing jobs and even parting ways with their hard to come money in the name of recruitment exercises. Armed robbery and blood shedding everywhere.

The most dangerous and terrible tenches that the Igala agenda proponents represent is the house of deceits that Ibrahim idris the former governor has built in the name of the Igala agenda. They are afraid that Barrister Halima Alfa, between1999 and now, has related in close quarters with all of them and she knows their weaknesses and strength.

 Only those who have sold their souls will ignore this fact that Halima has donated a lot to the APC cause which she believes in as a manifesto for the growth of not only the Igala. Halima is even more Igala than those today pretending to propagate a self serving and devilish igala agenda. She is a staunch supporter of the Audu political family and she as a loyal party woman supported her party when God in his wisdom took our dear mentor Audu from us. It is on record that her son was nominated by the present governor but she asked him to decline the appointment but she still supported her governor till today.

Barrister Halima Alfa is a more honourable woman than a thousand of the Igala agenda proponents. Just like an old friend, Halima is only advising the people especially the youth not to be flooded with the impressions that the Igala agenda group is here to check APC and the governor that made Kogites happy. These people, Halima has consistently stressed, took away our happiness when they were in the corridors of power and replaced it with poverty, corruption and lawlessness. She is advising our people today so that we will not be blamed of jumping into conclusions and embrace everything that is coming from these people as options to the leadership we now have in the state. They represent the tendencies of giving us worst miseries.

  Let us be frank, Kogi state will never get it right when we heed the agenda of these recycled and failed leaders who in the first place brought us to our knees and rotten state. The earlier we realise this, the better for us.

There must be change for the better in the interest of our people and it is the Kogi agenda as Halima stated that will take us there. Yahaya Bello is the proponent of the Kogi agenda and Halima supports him.

The classical example of the deceit of the proponents of the Igala agenda is very clear. The Igala nation is made up of three federal constituencies which are Idah, Ankpa and Dekina. Idah has never produced a governor. The only governor that came from that axis was late Abubakar Audu, of blessed memory from Ofu. Ankpa has only produced a senator in the person of Abdulrahman Abubakar and Isaac Alfa who were there for just five months. Omala produced a governor in Ibrahim idris who ruled Kogi state for nine years. Ibrahim Idris took one Alhaji Okutepa to Mecca and swore before the Ka’abba to make him governor, the young man spent about N750,000 each on a delegate only to be betrayed by Ibrahim Idris when he endorsed Echocho and still betrayed him. If they are talking of the Igala agenda, why is it that it is only the Dekina axis that is always producing the governor for the state?.What Halima is actually saying is that the agenda is a deceit. In one of her meetings with the igala elders she advised that the Igala should make a statement and support one person as governor across the state irrespective of where he comes from, but because of their selfish interest and agenda, it is only their sons and in-laws that are qualified. What an agenda?.

Adejoh writes from Lokoja, Kogi state

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