The importance of girl child education

There were eras when it was considered that women did not need to be educated. But we have now realised the importance of women’s education. The modern era is the phase of women’s awakening. In every aspect of life, women are striving to compete with their male counterparts.

Many individuals reject female education, claiming that women’s rightful domain is the home and therefore that money spent on female education is squandered. This view is incorrect since female education has the potential to bring about a silent revolution in society.

Female education has numerous advantages. Educated women can

contribute significantly to the country’s growth by sharing the burden of males in several fields. They may contribute to society as teachers, lawyers physicians and administrators as well as play a key part in wartime.

In this time of economic distress education is a blessing for women. Many families are finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet these days. Female education is important for a country’s growth thus it should be supported. Everyone has hope for a better life if they have an education.

It’s a type of magic that works in a person’s life to make it far better than it would be if he didn’t have knowledge. To sum the blog, we believe that everyone should be educated so that they can contribute to making our country developed. Increasing literacy rates can prevent tens of thousands of crimes.

Every country should encourage its citizens to receive an education.

Ummukrusm Abdulganyui Bukola,

Ibadan, Oyo state

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