The missing equipment at General Hospital Toro

I want to appeal to the Bauchi state government, ministry of health, the state Hospital Management Board as well as the Department of State Security (DSS) to urgently verify and disclose to public the recent misplacement of Toro General Hospital’s sophisticated equipment to unknown destination for auction.

This came as result of the ongoing controversies generated among Toro populace that there are unscrupulous elements who are auctioning the hospital’s equipment through the backdoor, claiming to have the permission of the state government.

What bothers the public is how government could order an auction of hospital sophisticated equipment without providing an alternative at a time of pandemic and other diseases.

Consequently, the equipment auctioned has added to the people’s predicament in Toro local government area and beyond, as the facility is being utilised by four local government areas despite the equipment deficit the hospital is experiencing.

Presently, people have to rush to Abubakar Tabawa Balewa University Teaching Hospital and the specialist hospital all in Bauchi metropolis from Toro and other villages before getting adequate medical attention including emergency cases.

Considering the above, we want the Bauchi state government, ministry of health as well as the state Hospital Management Board to disclose to the public whether the auction of Toro General Hospital’s equipment was done properly or not to ensure the sanity of the exercise.

That is to say, if the state government is aware of the auction, we are urging her to come to our aid by providing the hospital with an alternative of the equipment auctioned as patients’ predicament is getting out of hand in General Hospital Toro.

However, if the auction wasn’t in order, we are urging the state government, Hospital Management Board as well as the DSS to embark on thorough investigation and bring those involved in the act to book, as the primary responsibility of government is to protect the lives and property of its citizens.

Failing to do this, Toro people will end up blaming and castigating the Bala Mohammed administration for their predicament.

Comrade Muhammad Al’ameen Toro,
Toro, Bauchi state