The MTV VMAs were Illuminati propaganda through and through

“A lot of legs were spread during this awards show,” conspiracy theory website notes
Some people might say that this year’s MTV Video Music Awards were mainly about asses. Other might point out that the ceremony was all about female empowerment, while even more still could argue that Blue Ivy dominated the entire night with her “Flawless” hand dance. The conspiracy theory website Vigilant Citizen is none of those people.
“The 2014 VMAs were focused on a single theme: oversexualization using Illuminati puppets,” the website argued in a post-show wrap up recently. Really though, where Vigilant Citizen shines is in its incredibly descriptive photo captioning, something that many blogs could learn a thing or two from. Take, for instance, what might seem like a relatively innocuous stage backdrop. “What’s wrong with that?” the average eye might wonder, while the VC would argue: plenty.