The murdered Abuja corps member

“The family of my late fiancee Stephanie acted in a horrible and ignorant way to mislead and ruin the investigation”, Dr. Edward alleges .

I have invited Dr. Edward Achado, to come on my TV programme for a discussion on the murder of his fiancee Stephanie by his former lover Jennifer Tsembe as alleged.

I read different reports on the incident but I have not seen any comment by Dr. Edward on the matter and I think it will be important to get him speak on the matter to know the following:

  1. If there was a relationship between him and Jennifer Tsembe in the past as alleged.
  2. If he was aware that his late fiancee Stephanie was a friend to Jennifer Tsembe as alleged.
  3. Also, to know if his late fiancee Stephanie was aware of the relationship he had with Jennifer Tsembe in the past.
  4. The public will be interested in knowing if he was aware of the fact that his late fiancee Stephanie was still visiting Jennifer Tsembe as a friend.
  5. To know if there was any effort made by him to prevent the late Stephanie from having something to do with Jennifer.
  6. To know if he was secretly meeting with Jennifer Tsembe as alleged even after having a baby with the late Stephanie and making preparation to marry her properly as his wife.
  7. To know if his secret romance with Jennifer was what gave her hope that after killing his fiancee Stephanie, she can have him all for herself.


In response, Dr. Edward Achado accused the family of his late fiancee, Stephanie Terungwa, for working against the investigation to unravel the truth about Stephanie’s murder. He also alleged that the interest of his late fiancee’s family is to ruin him and if the family should have their way, they can even set free those who murdered Stephanie.

Read his unedited comment below:

“Hello Mr Awunah, I appreciate the offer presented. The family acted in a horrible and ignorant way to mislead and ruin the investigation. Their focus was to ruin me and they won’t even mind releasing the culprits if they had their way. They spread rumours and false stories even while I was doing the DNA to confirm the body.”

“They never cared about tracking her or assisting in the investigation. I don’t need to explain to anybody what happened again. I tried my best for Steph while she was alive and even in death we traced and arrested her killers despite attacks and sabotage from her family.”

“I pray for her daily. I have done my best and I leave the rest to God. I humbly decline the offer”. Thank you.


Dr. Edward

I am calling on Dr. Achado to have a rethink and honour my invitation since it is an opportunity for him to speak and explain more than the reply he sent to me via social media.

Some people have accused him of being the cause of his late fiancee’s murder and it is important to have him answer the questions above for the sake of clarification, image redemption and for the sake of truth.

Awunah Pius Terwase

TV presenter,

Rights activist and public affairs commentator

Mpape, Abuja


[email protected]

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