The nasty game of international politics

The game of international politics is full of jargons and intricacies to the brim. Often the ideology of minor non-individual and individual actors are determining the future and fate of many un-powerful actors in international affairs. Such unjust actions of the moronic actors manifest nothing but their weakness when it comes to the field of justice and fair play.

It’s obvious that even the International Criminal Court which is said to be independent is just a mere parable to a normal conscience as it’s apparent they are only answerable to the directives of G8 who are mostly the architects of modern problems. Take African countries, Latin Ameriac, and the rest of the weaker continents and see the clear differences. When the giants are involved in the criminal matters the court chooses to remain mum but when it’s the turn of weak ones, it appears to be bold and capacitated.

Honestly, these evil countries mainly focus on establishing laws and creating deliberate sanctions to keep their perpetual maltreatment upon the baby sovereign states of the world. Take Isra’ili/Palestine saga and add with the recent most trending one of Saudi and Yemen. Surely there you would understand the irrefutable facts some countries are just predators to others. And to claim the ICC is independent while acting this way sounds so paradoxical.

And colliding with the powerful countries makes someone looks so strong and makes him more terrible like the rest devilish entities. The Saudi is a clear instance at this juncture because they have been enjoying the unjust support of America while launching their draconian acts upon Yemen and against some of Iran’s Top figures like Jamal Khashoggi and his men. Very unfortunate, we all witnessed such horrific moments of mass murder in the name of a worthless game of politics.

So now that the Biden of America kick his political journey with an outstanding gesture toward restoring peace in the globe, though we know its just a hoax but he is now at least vindicating the horror face of the Saudi Govt over the murder case of an international journalist ( Jamal Kashigi ) of turkey.

Perhaps many hold the belief that most all those religious-oriented countries are a saint when it comes to social justice which is not in the real sense for it only appears to be so when they are off relevance to the powerful giants. But this scenario of Yemen and Iran is enough to debunk their baseless perception because it’s now vindictive that they merely look saint whenever they have no means to subjugate their prey.

It’s only the dearth of power that makes someone behave this way but when he romances power and sips from the deep toxic fountain, the rest becomes sorry from it a sight for the simple reason they can’t allow them to joyously thrive in peace with one another while having an affair.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely! Yeah, this is what always manifests when an innocent folk is blessed with little power, then the further quest of hegemony will make them act crazy and dastardly unjust while having a business with any from the lower class. Not only individuals but even countries are victims of circumstances.

Meanwhile, there is a popular conviction that Nicollo Machiavelli hates international politics which to me appears very odd and unwise decision for such a giant figure like him (The author of ”The Prince”). Until this very time, I come to a juncture where I am left with no option than to unwaveringly and unapologetically believe in this unadulterated fact.

I now believe excessive quest for power makes someone corrupt. And for one to stay a saint he must in one way or the other restrain himself from the lake of power where the beast is madly in search of a thorny treasure which only a few end well with it.

My prayer is, may the peace lovers keep romancing treaty instead of war, and may they keep digging deep to figure out the causative agents of perpetual injustice in our sinful world and deal with them decisively.

Amrah Jaoji Abdullahi,

Department of Mass Communication,

University of Maiduguri

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