The new police cadet officers from Kano

Monday, April 12, 2021, was another remarkable and historical day in the  Nigeria Police Force as the Nigeria Police Academy Kano state passed out another batch of new cadet officers to the rank of assistant superintendent of police.
This is indeed a welcome development considering the nation’s security challenge, among others issues.

Dear vibrant and well trained police officers, note that, Nigeria is heading to an unknown destination which you (the police) are the only hope to overcome the security challenges bedevilling our nation.
Again, it’s important to note that Nigeria has been overwhelmed by insecurity menace for nearly two decades; kidnapping, armed banditry, raping, Boko Haram insurgency.

These crimes are classified as the major security challenges bedeviling Nigeria, but in the real sense, the major one is the violation of law and order.
When citizens adhere to the nation’s constitutional law and order, the country will have less troubles in terms of security, politics and economy.
Imagine, the nation’s national symbols are no longer respected. The executive, the legislature and even the judicial arms of government have no respect for the nation’s constitution.
However, the failure of the Nigeria police in the maintenance of law and order is the major cause of the incessant armed robbery, cultism, cyber crime, rape, communal clashes, among others.

If the police are to properly discharge their primary responsibility of settling dispute and diligent prosecution of suspected criminals, insecurity will be drastically reduced.
The proximity of the police to the grassroots cannot be overemphasised. The police are in a better position to handle people with care, love and compassion, as doing so, people encourage the people to provide information to the police to help fight crime.But instead, people accuse the police of being the most corrupt para-military agency in Nigeria. While the police are meant to settle dispute among individuals the unscrupulous among them collect bribe from the people. This dents the police’s image to the extent that people don’t want to report cases to the police.

Therefore, I advise the new police  officers to be wary of their doings as you are coming to face the realities; also to distance yourselves from the negative accusations and display to Nigerians that intimidation and harassment is against the Nigeria Police Force Act. Finally, I challenge you to be good ambassadors of the Nigeria Police Force by treating people equally with love, compassion and justice. May Allah bless you (cadet officers) and give you wisdom to serve our fatherland better. Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!
Dulyamba Aliyu Maina,Department of Mass Communication,University of Maiduguri. 

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