The Nigerian conundrum

Nigeria, the giant of Africa, has now become a laughing stock. Although, unity, peace and progress is our motto but today it has become a land of division, war, terror, and underdevelopment. It is now a place where graduates are unemployed and those in office will not retire, insecurity is now a big problem in Nigeria. Where is my Nigeria where people travel far and near within the country and are welcomed and feel at home, where is that love that keeps us all together?

Today’s Nigeria has become nothing to write home about, killings, kidnapping, Boko Haram, herdsmen crisis, election violence and so many atrocities are the characteristics of Nigeria. The world generally has advanced in technology and other facilities but Nigeria remains stagnant with many potential on the streets while graduate roam the streets with no work or employment.

Corruption has become the middle name of Nigeria. No one wants to do things for free now unless he gets something in return. People are afraid to extend a helping hand for fear of ritual killings. Children are no longer safe from old men who use them as sex objects. The aged no longer tell us the history of our heroes because the children don’t stay at night to listen to folklore.

The efforts of our heroes and freedom fighters are forgotten, their struggle to bring about one Nigeria is now wasted and their dreams shattered. Why all this in Nigeria? Why can’t we have a peaceful Nigeria with development and employment for our youth? Why can’t we be that giant of Africa and a corrupt free country? Why can’t we say no to killings and embrace love and unity? Why let our founders’ vision die in our time. Let’s join hands and make Nigeria moving again.

By Galiyos Adzarah

Mass Communication Department

University of Maiduguri

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