The oneness and unity of humanity, remedy to global crises

Our contemporary world is clearly divided into partials of distinguished ethnic groups, religions and nations, which brimfully goes and erectly stands against and in opposition of the oneness of humanity.

Our planet is supposed to be one in which the core code is one or united humanity. Every human is supposed to see and believe that he and others are a uniform.

We all depend on each other from the day we first respire to the day we no more. Our oneness and unity initiates from our homes. For indeed both sexes interdepend on one another for the satisfaction of their sexual desires and for birthing of off-springs. Our oneness and unity escalates further from our immediate environment and steadily to our intra and international borders and at large to our globe.

We are supposed to see others as a mirror of ourselves, so whatever we do would be done with altruism and hope that it would be a success for the doer and for others.

It is due to such negativity towards united humanity that today’s world is immersed in conflicts and so much intolerable disorder which is progressively inclining rapidly.

Today, we humans are facing greater threat than ever before; this is indeed evidenced in different forms. The most severe of all is the striking of the COVID-19 pandemic which has undoubtedly put the world to the test; it has caused a serious change in the balance of earth, some of us have become jobless and unemployed, some are in grief, some are dying and our global economies are facing the greatest lost ever. This virus has affected and altered each and every atom on earth.

Times we have witnessed the unity of humanity is during this period of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the time the bond needs to be stronger in order to win the war against this global enemy, COVID-19.

This pandemic is an instance showcasing to humanity that we are a mono-bond, we humans depend on each other. This is a time when the bond is strongest and should be constant even after victory. It is only on this basis that the current world would be nearly perfect, the future tomorrow would inherit this and continue the chain of interdependency and the united world mission of perfection and a successful today and tomorrow would be assured.

Sulaiman Adamu writes from Gombe. He is a graduate of Gombe High School, a poet and an essayist. He is the 3rd Prize Winner of the 2021 Nigeria Prize for Teen Authors.

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