The plight of ABU U15/16EY set

It’s the dream of every student to graduate from school with flying colours and prepare for the next phase of life. To graduating class of 2019, Biology {Department of Science Education), Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, this dream has long been awash by an unforeseen circumstance we found ourselves in.

It all started with the release of our second semester (final year) results in late January 2020, which to the dismay of all of us was very unfavourable as a result of a massive error which was claimed by the department to have occurred due to system failure. The errors included the appearance of four 1st semester courses 400l, which the students undoubtedly never failed, as outstanding courses.

This as explained by the department to us was a total error from the system failure they had, and we were directed to individually submit a letter of request attached with a copy of our 400l first semester transcript to seek immediate rectification of the errors. We traveled miles from our various locations in order to meet the demand with the hope that necessary actions will be taken without wasting much time and effort.
It was to our greatest surprise to learn that a total of 63 students out of supposedly over 150 graduating students were cleared of the error, and were handed over their statement of results as well as certificates.

The rest of us were left with no explanation on why we were left out of the process. Even after several attempts to get words from those concerned, our pleas failed

Our fears have increased in multitude as the school is set to resume lectures on the January 25, 2021, we are left with nothing but the thinking on whether to resume school as students, or to keep staying at home and deal with our feelings of uncertainty.

Ibrahim Yusuf,


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