The relevance of skill acquisition

Skills are important because they increase your sense of creativity and productivity. Many people today depend solely on education. Meanwhile, education is also important because it serves as the bedrock of knowledge; it makes you smart intellectually and stands out among others. It also provides ideas in connecting with higher intellectuals.

It is important to note that skill acquisition is practically 89 per cent of survival in Nigeria but unfortunately most people strive for white collar jobs that don’t really last long at least for 35 years and you are retired. But with good skills you can broaden your horizons by training people and employing workers which can also help to establish other branches in different geographical locations.

With all these and many more, you can start a partnership across the country and that is how it grows. It could last till the end of time or till death. For instance, the 68-year-old Folorunsho Alakija is ranked the world’s black richest woman. She is into fashion, oil production, real estate and printing industries and other high ranked position held as the head.

Alakija as a fashion designer for is renowned for her exceptional designs which is now patronised all over the world. The skill was learnt and was worked upon with determination and with this she achieved a lot from it. As a Nigerian, Alakija is a great influence to upcoming skilful personnel. Therefore, skills should be learnt not just for leaning sake but for the purpose of entrepreneurship for the benefit of national and international communities.

Joan Eze,

Intern, Blueprint Newspapers,

Abuja [email protected]

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