The significance of International Quds Day

Quds Day is held by large spectrum of Muslim world in the last Friday of the Islamic month of Ramadan. The epochal ordinance was a proclamation of freedom for the land of Palestine and her people bequeathed to Muslim world by the late spiritual leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, Imam Ayatollah Ruhullah Musawi Khomeini (QS). in essence, this proclamation has been an ingredient and panacea for reawakening of freedom for humanity in every clime.

Throughout the time of Israeli Zionist occupation of Palestine since after the 2nd World War till date, the plight of the Palestinians is still far from expected effects of global massive advocacy for the independent State of Palestine.

After six decades of the horrendous occupation of Palestinian territories by Zionists amidst global outcry, resolution of the conflict by global regimes under the auspice of United Nations is marred by domineering might of the superpowers.

It is apparent that the Western allies are often at the receiving end of vantage station to the fate of Palestine/Israeli conflicts. This is in contrast to the pan-Arab nations’ deficits to commune as a bloc to a genuine pathfinding missions for peace treatises. The Arab League nations over the years has become a flock of lame lions of strange bed fellows to their own. It vividly lacks roaring articles to pursuing regional agenda of integration to liberation and knit together its members. It is already sold off to imperialism. They are immersed in uncontrollable solicit of alliances with their real enemies.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia rhetorical version of Palestinians/Zionists peace treaties is painfully appalling that beat imaginations of all truly libration fronts and struggles. The instance of this was lately, the US President Donald John Trump declared Jerusalem the Israeli capital. Saudi Arabia supportef the declaration and advised Palestinians to accept and agree to President Trump’s verdict.

The attitude of other member nations except few is borne out of fear of possible sanctions from the US as arrow head of Western allies.

It is pathetic that helpless lives of Palestinians are a bait in hands of the global political chess gamers. The question is, when is the libration for the people of Palestine?

Role of the Islamic Republic of Iran

The Islamic Republic of Iran has singularly epitomized the rising hope in the region’s struggle for Palestinian freedom and emancipation of her people. This is evidently appreciated in the spiritual and eventful life of Ayatollah, Imam Ruhullah Khomeini (QNS) and even after decades of his demise, the characteristics of his regional struggles are still blossoming.

His led Iran and world at large to undermine the west and their allies in the conflict .The challenge of global leadership for the struggle and renewal of this hope as spearheaded by Iran to liberate Palestine is echoed by the annual “QUDS DAY” on every last Friday of the Holy month of Ramadan.

Importance Of ‘The Quds Day’

It is fundamental to look deeply into the affairs of the middle east region, as it relates to Palestinians/Israel conflicts with specific inferences from penury of the Palestinians in the following stages:

(i) On Quds Day, the world needs to know trending injustices currently being suffered by the Palestinians at the hands and instance of Jewish settlement of Zionism regime.

(ii) The Quds Day is aimed to exposing the existential hypocrisy of the world or regional bodies/organizations to which every nation is a member today. Therefore, the entire humanity is entitled to all of the UN human rights charter.

(iii) The Quds Day’s importance can at best be to reviewing and exposing all incidents of global injustices, the inhumanity of Zionist regimes, the plights of people of Palestine.

(iv) The Quds Day is to reaffirm the global supports for the State of Palestinian. This is evident that apart from the official stands of Iran to endorsing and enforcing the Quds Day, some other countries, especially in the Shi’a world, have adopted the annual Quds Day.

(v) Since the declaration of the Quds Day, the spate of global awareness has always been on increase at all levels either individuals, groups, organizations and sovereignty of many countries.

(vi) The inherent spirit of Quds Day is a phenomenal advocacy in thought provoking and awareness that the only enduring catalog of a united world is peace and stability, humanity and justice of all nations at all levels.

(vii) Quds Day is observed as world unity day for humanity to confront world evils and unrest irrespective of race, colour and belief or religious identities.

Why is the world silent over the Palestinians suffering with the United Nations as an arbitration body whose duties and responsibilities are to broker peace and treaties, to enforce its human rights charter and ensure compliance among member nations?

Where is Amnesty International? To take up human rights abuses, persecution, maiming and serial killing spree in Palestine against her people, men, women and minors. Why suddenly remain mute over this decades of conflict.

From the inception of current administration of Trump, the escalation of crises in the middle east has been on increase and the world is silent.

Why did the US President damn all consequences to declare Jerusalem the new capital of Israel?

Why do Arab nations abandon the Palestinians to their fate? Where is the International Court of Justice to try all the human right abusers in the Palestinian/Israeli conflicts?

However, it is hoped that the philosophy of the ‘Quds Day’ as legacy of Ayatollah Imam Khomeini (QNS) for the world to rise against all forms of human oppression is embraced to aid all oppressed people, not only for the emancipation of the Palestinians but the entire world.

Imam writes from Abuja

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