The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune

Life is not as rudderless, stingy or chaotic as some people, especially, the contemporary youths, presume. But if life has proved illiberal, uncharitable or unkind to you, check up on your content carriage, you may have redundant luggage. The present set of striplings often perhaps expects that manna has continued to rain down from the skies as in the wilderness enroute Canaan (land where milk and honey flow profusely). The foundation of this present life is laid in principles and policies. Against the achievement of anything of value, a certain procedure or process must be conscientiously and strictly followed through or adhered to. This painstaking following does not necessarily respect the religious, cultural, racial, economic, ethnic, language and or literate or illiterate status or affiliation. The sheer observation of the entrenched universal doctrine or fundamentals accords to the individual the rewards of obedience irrespective of whichever class of the above-mentioned varieties you may belong. This purported ‘reward of obedience’ as mere shadows is what folks are frantically and blindly pursuing, even to their graves. The real thing which is the substance, the significance of the sum, and the soul of the stuff is blatantly neglected and steadily ignored. Then the mad rush to accumulate wealth tersely called the rat race, ensues.

Life is as generous as vast as its geographical coverage expands and extends. Although this benevolence is restricted to and the exclusive right of those who gave themselves to all diligence and devotion to the demonstration of that life learned ethics and criteria, it spreads still to this few privileged category, indiscriminately. Whereas the government of Nigeria especially has not evidently done anything as sufficient incentives for their upcoming generation to key in to excel in life. Whereas the ugly side of life is easily and usually the conspicuous aspect of life that will confront any inhabitant of this earth, location irrespective. Whereas this our subject entity himself is amateurish and naive at start and previously unlearned of life necessary lessons so that the tendency of making life mistakes is not minimal. Taken cognizance of these trio powerful phenomena, it is the demands of wisdom that the person who is predisposed to maneuver life’s vagaries and emerge victorious to educate self with these inestimable precepts and statutes. 

Our youth have either been misled or too impatient to engage in some decent vocations enough to fetch them good money or use their God given brain smartly to do some legitimate but lucrative deals. The relevance of this write up to the social and political trends in the present day Nigeria or any wonder if this discourse is issue based is not a point to argue about. Our politicians who are perennially plundering the nations patrimony are possible categories this exhorting piece will serve a change of heart purpose. The members of the public who ‘follow the multitude to do evil’ with the mindset that nothing will never happen particularly when the illicit deal setting is Nigeria requires a thorough perusal of this chastising material. For the uncommon class of Nigerians who conservatively stick to scrupulous, diligent and forthright conducts under whatever peer pressure or temptation, this is quite reaffirming and a strong incentive as well as invigorating. To all and sundry, the foundational standard and truth, being incontrovertible and universally established, cannot be overemphasized. Therefore, although this might initially wear the aura and semblance of philosophical pontificating, the weight it carries, the value it adds and general acceptability thereof is both secular and existential. 

There was this near mischievous comedy episode recently but which did not go viral about the eminently elaborate funeral of a 78 years septuagenarian mother of the now prominent showbiz doyen of entertainment industry, Obi Cubana. It was just a class of its own, the height of ostentatious affluence demonstration. In the said hilarious spoken cartoon, the Nigeria vice president is seen seriously suggesting to his boss the president himself who apparently was perplexed on where next he should focus on his search for foreign loan facility. ‘Stop going to Sokoto dtate for this desirous funds supply, let’s look at our sokoto,’ the vice president humorously but humbly too advised his principal. For the benefit of better understanding especially for my non Nigeria readers, this is the interpretation of this Nigeria saying.’ ‘Sokoto State’ is one of the Northern Nigeria regional state which is located on the outskirts on borders with other countries implying isolated from the center. The usage connotes far away from… Whereas ‘sokoto’ is a tribal name for a pair of trousers one puts on at the time. So, stop looking for a thing that’s far away when the same thing is just nearby you. ‘Let us beam our loan solicitation machinery to Anambra state, Obi Cubana family compound to be precise,’ the vice president continued to impress on his leader during the brainstorming meeting. The terse response of the recipient of the advice confirms the reproved reactionary disposition of the Nigeria Presidency. ‘Did you just say Anambra State in the South Eastern Nigeria…? There we shall proceed to, that lazy youth may have made dirty money. Our dog watching EFCC are slumbering.’ was the second fiddle acknowledgement which the vice president got when on his way out ruefully threw his hands upward in the air.

As I draw the curtain close here, the mind-boggling and classical funeral of Mr. Pascal Chibuike Okeke late mother, who is popularly known as Obi Cubana is invariably rich with usable lessons valid for our youths, particularly. The interest is not centered on escalating the details of what happened on the fateful day (enough of this is already awash on both the mainstream and social media) but more importantly the analysis of the learnable lessons. The exhorting message Obi Cubana himself passed on to Nigeria youths in his 13 minutes interview granted to BBC Pigeon correspondence speaks volumes of the subject matter of this column. The entire volume may be reduced to two most neglected but potentially result oriented words – WORK HARD. While the hullabaloo and shenanigans of this life is unrelenting and unremitting, please thou diligent soul, let not your eye of focus not be removed from the ball of self discovery and development. Discern your innate potentials and without minding the cynicism and criticism of your sure detractors, take the bull by the horn and proceed against all odds and dissuasions to carve out your nitch in life in that core profession and calling where providence has situated your usefulness as well as good success. If our erring, selfish and highminded politicians will condescend themselves and unlearn their evil ways but adopt this mannerly and modest management of personal and public engagements, it will suffice. The ventilation of the outrage of the disgruntled members of the public particularly our thriving youths citizenry on account of the gross irresponsibility and misappropriation of public resources by the greedy and unpatriotic political elements, will be a dissipated energy if this rather inner battle is fought but lost. I hereby earnestly charge and implore everyone who squeeze out time to read through not to find recourse to dirty dealings or questionable lifestyles anytime anywhere anyhow but embrace legitimate pursuit of life basic necessities which has the promise of fruition to those who diligently persevere. For such are the eligible candidates of true success with awesome reputation and good reports and the realisation of their desire and aspirations is as certain as the day and night mutually altenate.
Orajiaku, a freelance journalist, writes from Lagos.