The YADAI initiative

As the name implies, the Youth Against Drug Abuse Initiative (YADAI) is an initiative to confront the increase in drug abuse, improper sale of hard drugs, and youths’ involvement in crime as a result of illicit consumption of drugs and smoking intoxicated items. The body was founded by a group of undergraduates from Potiskum local government area of Yobe state. By undergoing different stages of flagging off a fight against the illegal selling of narcotic drugs openly, notwithstanding, the initiative will serve as part of the public service to ensure a healthy and peaceful society.

YADAI) aims to focus on reshaping the lives of people who intentionally fall into drug addiction in Yobe state. It will also serve as a platform for sharing legal awareness, and the initiative is always ready to work together with public and private groups to reach out to victims of sedative drugs and find solutions to the underlying issues factors.

Yobe state communities require serious intervention to address the troubling involvement of youth in drug abuse, and the initiative was formed to change the narrative. One of the primary factors that influences many young people to engage in illegal activities is drug abuse. Also, security reports in Yobe state have shown that most of the culprits caught in cases of vandalism, rape, killings, and gangsterism were under the influence of drugs. Therefore, this is the right time to introduce the principles of YADAI, in order to resolve a series of issues related to drug abuse.

Meanwhile, the initiative is seeking government’s and societal contributions to carry out the planned campaigns to fight drug abuse across the state. The Initiative will help to supervise the rate of youths getting involved in drug abuse and smoking and likewise intervene by following ways of educating the victims about the harmful effects of drugs.

In a nutshell, YADAI is an alternative towards eliminating the excessive increase in illegal drug consumption in Yobe state, and it has prepared a standard agenda to bring it down. The alarming number of people, particularly youths, getting addicted to drugs is scary. That is why the initiative stands to make an effort to tackle it.

Kasim Isah Muhammad,
founder of YADAI,
Potiskum, Yobe state

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