There’s grand agenda against Nigerian Muslims – JNI

AbdulRaheem Aodu

Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI) has complained of a grand agenda against Muslims in the country, which caused the killings and maiming of Muslims by soldiers in several parts of the country in the guise of protecting them or fighting terrorism.
JNI in a press statement issued by its Secretary General, Dr. Khalid Abubakar Aliyu, yesterday in Kaduna, condemned the massacre of vigilance group in Zamfara state, extra-judicial killing of 15 Fulani herdsmen in Keana, Benue state and the raping to death of a milk maid in Abuja.

The statement said: “There is a grand agenda to destabilise the Muslim Ummah in Nigeria and cautiously reduce their rising human capital. An event where vigilante personnel working to restore peace (in Zamfara state) would be the subject of a grand massacre, tells much about the chaos some enemies want to push our states into.
“The dimension of extra judicial killing of Muslims by the military on a mere whim of unsubstantiated suspicion leaves much to be desired, which clearly depicts that Muslims have become endangered species, murdered and maimed indiscriminately in the guise of fighting terrorism.

“The sad incident of Keana 15 is another scenario where the settlements of innocent Muslims were mercilessly massacred, people who have been exonerated by the state Governor as being peace loving people and law abiding. JNI is concerned that the perpetrators of these genocide acts against Muslims may go scot-free as it was the case with Apo Killings and other similar heinous acts.
“The various reports of human rights abuses and massacre of hundreds of Muslims in Maiduguri by the military, as reported by human rights groups is painful and unacceptable.

Continuing, he said: “We have found the usage of the term Fulani herdsmen, hiding their religious identity an attempt to wipe out Muslims in the guise of fighting terrorism. Why is it when a Christian commits a crime it is not called a Christian crime or terrorism? Crime is crime; it is colourless, tribe less and religious less.
“It is sad to note that a Muslim milk maid, Binta Usman, a mother of five, was raped and killed by a military man around Dei-Dei area of the FCT. We are not aware of any step taken by the military authority on the matter.”
JNI called on the federal government, governors, politicians and Nigerians to bring the perpetrators of the crimes to justice, before the situation gets out of hand.

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