Thugs threaten to kill journalist in Niger

A Minna based journalist and publisher, Yahaya M. Usman has raised the alarm over threat to his life by unknown political thugs.
Usman raised the alarm yesterday in a press statement in Minna, adding that the threats were issued in three different phone calls.
He said, “On Tuesday, 19th September, 2018 between 12:23 pm and 12:30pm I received 3 calls at very close intervals from numbers saying that they are going to cut me and kill me.” He said that the assailants cursed and insulted him before they told him that they were after his life for reports he did on sharing of motorcycles and cars by a member of the House of Representative from the state.
“The callers said ‘You will fall before the sunset.
We will kill you; we will cut you’.
The second number repeated same,” he explained.
Usman said that he has reported the matter to the nearest police station and that action has been taken including assigning armed security for vigilance and nipping threat of any kind in the bud.
He said that he was baffled that the threat was coming from the same youths he was speaking for, to be given education and skills for brighter future instead of motorcycles or cars that perish.

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