Time to recruit more teachers in Borno

The presence of better infrastructure is one of the yardsticks that promotes, enhances and brings ease in impacting knowledge on students. Hence, the need for government at all level to provide conducive environment for teaching and learning activities.

The Professor Babagana Umar Zulum government of Borno state has done pretty well in providing good infrastructure and a conducive learning environment for Borno students which is applaudable and should be celebrated by all well meaning Bornoans.

It’s an undeniable fact that Borno state has one of the best schools across the country. Government owned mega schools are well furnished with befitting and state of art of facilities. Kudos to Borno’s governor and the international organisations that helped Borno state to reach this peak. 

There’s, however, the need for the state government to complement the prevailing conducive learning environment with the recruitment of qualified man-power, which is lacking in almost all these schools, especially primary and junior secondary schools, which is  basic level of education for all school age children.

For more than a decade or so, primary school teachers have not been recruited. This has brought about serious lapses in the education sector of Borno state. Within the said period, thousands of teachers have retired while others have died. There’s need to fill in these vacancies with qualified teachers to improve education service delivery in the state

Borno is a the worst-hit state by the Boko Haram insurgency and since the main aim of Boko Haram is to cripple education in the Northeastern Nigeria and Borno state in particular, there’s need for the government to invest more resources in the education sector to defeat the aim which the insurgents seek to actualise.

Consequently, I urge the Borno state government to recruit qualified teachers. And with regard to the issues around unqualified teachers that are already in service, the government should train those that are trainable and transfer those that are untrainable to non-academic sectors.

Abdulsalam Alkali,Maiduguri, Borno state

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