TNT media boss urges FG to focus more on North-east youth

Founder of TNT Event, Sophie Tarfa, has urged the federal government to channel more attention on youth, especially from the North-east of the country due to their vulnerability to the circumstances of the crisis affecting them in the region.

Tarfa made this statement at the weekend in Abuja at a press conference, noting that insecurity in the region had made some youth in the area to become deviants.

“The North-east is no longer safe, youth become vulnerable and begin to engage in vices; therefore we must change the narrative and ensure government acts fast  towards ensuring these youth become productive and useful to themselves and their environment.

“While government is buying them sewing machines and all, they should understand that some of these youth have inner potentials that should be harnessed.”

The media enthusiast further said, “let them also know their skills or talents that will help them empower themselves because when a man is hungry he could sale the sewing machine to feed himself and go back to worst situation.”

Tarfa disclosed that TNT Event as a non profit organisation, which would be organising a two day conference tagged NEYA-North Eastern Youth Arise conference in Yola to train young people in different areas, especially in entertainment so that their lives can be better.

The conference is to hold from the 25th and 26th October in Adamawa, with many talents from the movie industry in attendance so they can share their experiences and mentor other youth on whatever field they may show interest in. 

“We are also doing an award to appreciate a selected few, who have contributed in the area of community service. It would have been worst without the military and some other organisations.”

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