to share with Nigerians. As he disclosed

located at Olukosi area of Shasha, a Lagos suburb. He recently had an experience, which he said, increased his faith in and dedication to God, which he earnestly wanted to share with Nigerians. As he disclosed, the church had been praying for a bus to help convey its members from different partDavid Inungs of Lagos on Sundays. Through the success of its 10th anniversary held on July 10, 2013, the church was able to buy one, which was dedicated on the last Sunday of December, last year.

As Rev. Inung told Saturday Independent, the bus was a fairly used one but it was in excellent condition. As he put it, “The bus was bought to convey our members, especially those coming from Orile Iganmu, where the church first started before it was moved to Shasha. We had prayed to God for this bus and the Lord did it. But we were yet to engage a driver for the bus. So, one of our members used to drive it on Sundays to pick up members and do other sundry assignments for the church.”

Rev. Inung stated that the brother complained that the bus had a hard start, so they planned to take it to carburettor specialist in Hajj Cap area in Akowonjo. They set out to do this on Wednesday January 8. As the brother cleaned the vehicle where it was parked at the compound of another pastor, Rev. Samuel Olutoye, general overseer, Word of Eternal Life and Revival Ministries, in preparation for the visit to the carburettor specialist, he attempted to start the vehicle, but there was a spark that ignited a fire, which engulfed the vehicle.

This happened as Rev. Inung was greeting Rev. Olutoye in his apartment. They were attracted by the shout of “Fire, Fire” by the brother and other people in the area, who immediately gathered to combat the fire, using water mixed with detergent. As the fire raged, Pastor Inung said he was shouting “My Bible, My Bible.” He said he had dropped the Bible on the passenger’s seat before going up to greet Rev. Olutoye. By the time the fire was brought under control, the bus had been completely burnt.

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